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Saving money when it comes to payroll is a concern for every business that hopes to grow as the future moves towards us. It can be difficult to come up with innovative solutions when it comes to this problem. Employee guidelines often fail when it comes to following through while attendance on the job itself always seems to be an issue no matter how seasoned the employee or the company. In order to get a handle on the situation, put technology on your side. Partner with a forward-thinking company who is using their know-how in order to develop a time card app that gives you the business advantage. MinuteHound has developed an innovative time card app for attendance and time clock management. It will revolutionize the way this aspect of business affects your bottom line.

This time and attendance solution uses cutting-edge technology that eliminates wasted time or time theft in the workplace. The time card app takes advantage of biometric software and hardware that can guarantee accuracy when it comes to attendance that no other system can deliver. The MinuteHound device is being used by businesses all over the world. Employees simply place their finger over a small pad on the patented device that connects to the time card app. The hardware attaches to any of your existing computer systems, allowing the time card app data to instantly be stored in a remote location thanks to cloud services. Business owners love the advantages that this system offers. It eliminates concerns over time clock manipulation, falsifying time sheets, and overtime that has not been approved by management.

Save More and Waste Less Time with MinuteHound’s Time Card App

Fingerprint Punch Clocks Vs. Badge CardsThe time card app is flexible as well. Owners can customize the warnings in the software in order to guard against consistent tardiness and other common attendance problems on the job. The MinuteHound time card app also reduces the time needed to process payroll thanks to its ability to automatically calculate employee hours and produce organized reports in minutes. Management can be done from anywhere on the globe simply by logging on and accessing the remote information through the time card app. You can view who is working in real-time, giving you ultimate control over your business. The time card app is easy to use and takes only moments to install. Business partnering with this company save an average of 5 percent on payroll expenses.

The cost to your business is small. It takes only pennies a day to operate this system. However, the savings will add up to thousands of dollars by the end of the year. All of the data is secure as well. This system uses a 128-bit encryption process when it is transferred to the cloud. There is technical support around the clock and you can try the system for absolutely no risk.

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