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Want to save money and time processing payroll? Well, we have a time clock app that could work wonders for you. The MinuteHound time clock app is the preferred choice of many businesses. Why? The developers, MinuteHound, have made use of biometric fingerprint recognition. Our solution has been proven to be secure and the software has the capacity to eliminate time theft. The time clock app is designed to do away with time cards, time sheets, and any other method you currently use in your workplace. MinuteHound’s time clock app is proven to save money by totally changing your current method.

Our application uses cloud technology, which means you can access live reports from any internet connection in the world, anytime. The reports generated by the application allow designated managers and owners to note who has come to work, which department they are currently located in, and when they left. In addition to the reports, there are also alerts that can be set up through the application by designated personnel. E-mail and text messages are sent out to keep you in the loop 24/7.

Access Your Savings With Our Time Clock App

The time clock app from MinuteHound can be accessed through any Droid, iPad, mobile device, or workstation. Through your internet connection, you are literally always connected to your workplace. Also keep in mind the time clock app is driven through bio-metrics. Accuracy is guaranteed. There is no threat of identity theft. All information is stored offsite safely and securely. Also, no images are ever stored. The time clock app breaks down the fingerprint into numbers. This is just another level of security brought to you by the advanced technology behind MinuteHound.

Time Clock App Includes 24/7 Customer Service and SupportSay goodbye to your time cards because you don’t need them anymore. With our application you’ll save money which you can then allot to something that would help improve your business. Our application is plug and play, no need for training and user manuals for you to understand how it works. Why settle on something less if you can have more with our time clock app? When you purchase our time clock app, 24/7 support is included. There is no fine print with MinuteHound. No extended warranties or contracts to sign.

How MinuteHound’s Time Clock App Is Helping Businesses Of All Sizes

The time clock app is also risk-free, with a lifetime of updates included in your cost. Remember, the time clock app from MinuteHound has no shelf life. This is not a product that expires after a certain amount of time. MinuteHound is a way to completely change the way you run your business.

Time Clock App  From MinuteHoundThe tools and technology from MinuteHound are built for business owners, by business owners. The price points from MinuteHound are far greater than any machine you can buy. MinuteHound is literally the best kept secret in business. Our technology currently services over 150,000 active daily users worldwide, and that number is growing.

Technology has taken over and is helping small businesses, all the way up to large corporations save money and time by eliminating time theft and employee fraud. In addition, the time clock app is green which means no paper. Save space for the fingerprint scanner is the size of a coffee mug. No extra equipment to buy. No inventory to manage. The typical business that switches to MinuteHound, earns up to a %2300 ROI. This is literally the easiest decision you can make. Upgrade to our time clock app. You will be glad you did!

MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time Clock App: Time Theft Happens. End it Today. Put That Money Back In Your Pocket!

We are confident in our business. Be just as confident in yours.
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  1. Have not seen this blog before but glad I did now. I own a small business and this technology seems like it will really help. Thanks so much for the information.

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