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The other day someone walked into a coffee shop to and paid with their debit card. This coffee shop had no cash register and no cash on hand. If you wanted a receipt, they would email one to you. Also forgot about pens, you could sign for your order with your finger on the screen. Technology has taken over from small to large operations! Time clock software is the same concept. Why use pen and paper to record employee time? Why rely on the honor system? Even punch cards or pins/passwords do not work. MinuteHound’s time clock software is inexpensive ($1.00 per employee) so even that small coffee shop can afford it. Also, the system itself is 100% base online. Every time an employee punches in using the scanner, it displays live online. So you can be boss from home! Get some extra sleep and be alerted should someone not show up or clock in late. MinuteHound has you covered.

Time Clock Software To Save and Eliminate!

MinuteHound’s time clock software is designed to eliminate time theft, buddy punching, human error and payroll fraud. By doing that, you save so much money. Not only money but time. No more sifting through reports or double checking your numbers. MinuteHound’s reports are crystal clear and easy to edit and download. You can email them to your payroll, import them into any accounting program, or simply just use the numbers to pay your staff. Time clock software makes business life easy. There are no more questions involved as to what hours someone worked. As with MinuteHound, it is fool proof. The only way someone can record time is by physically being present and recording their time.

Where Can You Download the Time Clock Software

In order to access and download the time clock software, all you have to do is create an account with MinuteHound. Once that process is complete, you can instantly login and download the time clock software. It is literally 1 click away to download and install! Within minutes you can be up and running with MinuteHound. Once you install the time clock software, you just enroll your employees and everything else is done on the cloud. Access savings and start putting more time back on the clock!

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Time Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time Clock Software.

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