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MinuteHound Attendance Program: Monitor your Employees While on the Move

Susan didn’t know what to do. She was miles away and the Human Resource Department wanted a report on the current attendance of the company. She hadn’t analysed the manual time sheets, and the deadline given by the Human Resource manager wasn’t enough to come up with a detailed report. She decided it was time to use an attendance program to automate such tasks.

MinuteHound Time Attendance Program
A colleague from another company had told Susan about a time attendance program the company was using which had made employee time management easy. Additionally, the program had saved the company 7 percent of the annual payroll expenses in just a year. The attendance program works by getting the identities of employees via a biometric system.

The Attendance Program Allows for Remote Access
One of the issues that made Susan resolve to roll out the program was the ability to access employee records remotely. The system uses cloud-based storage to store employee data online. The system also gives you reports that tell you what time an employee logged in and out, and the number of employees present at any given time.

Put a Stop to Buddy Punching
Susan remembered an incident whereby an employee had missed a full week yet the manual time sheets showed that he always signed in 5 minutes before time. On further investigation, it was discovered that a colleague was clocking in on behalf of the absent employee on daily basis. MinuteHound time attendance program eliminates this error.

Time Attendance Program helps Save on Payroll Costs
MinuteHound versus RFID Time ClockOne of the causes of inflated payroll expenses is time clock manipulation by employees. A manual system is prone to human error and an employee can easily inflate the hours worked to suit his goals. On the other hand, the time attendance program is automated, which means there is no opportunity to manipulate the system to read wrong values at all.

Time Attendance Software Provides a Basis for Smooth Personnel Transition
If your employees work on shift basis, you need a program that automatically implements these shifts and schedules. Reliable time attendance software can remind an employee when it’s time to leave and when they are late. The software notifies you about this so that you can communicate with the employee or take action.

Meet Your Goals Easily
Time attendance software provides a platform for you to monitor project success and the performance of an entire department or company. With accurate reports and time saving capabilities, your employees are free to perform more value added tasks.

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