The Best Time Clock Software For Small Business

MinuteHound Is The Time Clock Software For Small Business

If you only have a handful of employees, MinuteHound has the time clock software for small business that will fit you. Fully-automated (no staff or training needed) and cloud-based (no fancy computer equipment or extra memory required), it is as efficient as any system can be. It uses biometric fingerprint scanning, which means no more paper time cards, no fraudulent time punching, and no more supplies to order, store, or lose. You will start to see your savings in the first month, and all that saved money can be invested in your business growth. If only you could eliminate errors, theft, and losses as easily in the rest of your workplace! MinuteHound time clock software for small business is a great step in that desired direction.

The MinuteHound system will fit any size business, but for small businesses it is ideal. More than likely you have a hand-picked staff that you trust to work while you’re seeing to numerous other matters. With MinuteHound, you can turn your back on employee timekeeping for good. It works with your current payroll program, and by fully encrypting each fingerprint, identity theft is impossible. There is no possibility of friends doing each other a favor by punching in or out. “Buddy punching” is over. Time clock errors are gone. Unauthorized over-time is out. And you can see exactly who is working and when they got there in real-time on your laptop from anywhere in the world. If you want alerts for who is tardy or absent, MinuteHound does that, too.

The Time Clock Software For Small Business That Could Make You A Large Business!

MinuteHound is Green and plugs in to the computer you already own. You don’t sign any contracts, and you can use MinuteHound to track employee movements through workstations during the day. If you only need to verify the hours of salaried employees or a membership, MinuteHound time clock software for small business is perfect for that as well. MinuteHound will help you know what’s going on in your business so the areas that need improvement are much easier to identify. That means an easier way to profits.

Get Out Of The Past! Upgrade to MinuteHound Today!The traditional way of time card punching was invented before computers. If you’re still using that system, you are grossly out of date and out of step. You can improve your business and increase your profit margin by spending surprisingly little. With the MinuteHound time clock software for small business, it will pay for itself, give you much less to worry about, and with outstanding customer service and guarantee, you can’t lose.

Time Clock Software For Small Business Calculator. Numbers Don’t Lie!

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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time Clock Software For Small Business: No Other Software Even Comes Close!

We are confident in our business, be just as confident in yours.
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