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Businesses around the world struggle each day with employee attendance and time management solutions. MinuteHound has created a patented program that solves this problem. Their cloud based fingerprinting time clock software identifies the employee. This biometric technology was designed to put the information and control back in to the hands of the managers. MinuteHound time clock software is easy to use and can be accessed anywhere there is a computer. Set up time is minimal, allowing users to get going fast.

MinuteHound is the Future
The new wave of record attendance has begun with the MinuteHound. Old time clock software have had their day but the world is ready for the future. Computers with an internet connection are used as the terminal where employees log-in and out. The computer can be running other programs while acting as the timing station. Their fingerprint identifies them through a state of the art biometric scanner. The print itself is not kept on file but is encrypted with a 128-bit number and fragmented before being stored in secure servers. Employees can be confident that their personal information is safe.

Record Keeping
MinuteHound time clock software gives companies the ability to keep accurate records with less effort. Users have seen a drastic reduction of time spent on payroll after switching to MinuteHound. Employers can proactively use the web based interface to work on schedules and hours. All reports can be immediately accessed and saved for later review. The records are irrefutable and are just a few clicks away. MinuteHound time clock software can be used remotely from anywhere with internet access and is compatible with any POS system. The stored information can be used for accounting purposes and can be customized based on the business.

Cost Savings
Easy To Use Employee SoftwareStatistics show a 2-8 percent of payroll cost savings when using the MinuteHound time clock software. A chunk of the average payroll is spent on buddy punching, time card errors, unscheduled overtimes, fraud, and errors. These expenditures can be eliminated by using a system that protects the business. The MinuteHound time clock software keeps payroll costs down and frees up time for other more important matters. The system is an affordable way to save a company thousands of dollars every year.

Service and Support
MinuteHound is proud of their staff and the work they do for the company. Each member of the team offers the customers the support they need to accomplish their time and attendance goals. They charge no additional fees to upgrade the time clock software for the lifetime of the system. Each scanner is built using the highest standards in the industry. There is no training required, just plug in the USB scanner to the computer and start saving. Employee enrollment only takes a few minutes. Just enter the employee name and a fingerprint scan, and it is ready to go.

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time Clock Software.

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