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Biometrics is Becoming the Solution to Time Theft in the Workplace

With time theft so prevalent in the workplace, many companies are looking toward biometrics to solve their problems. Biometrics is the act of using biological data, usually fingerprints, to identify individuals. Biometric time recording has been found to be quite effective in reducing time theft and buddy punching in the workplace.

Enter the MinuteHound Biometric Time Recording System

Researchers at MinuteHound have taken biometric time recording software to the next level. They have developed a biometric time recording system that uses biometrics to log in and out of work. The scanner uses employees’ fingerprints to log into the system.

However, the MinuteHound system’s benefits do not end there. Their biometric time recording system is also designed to make payroll processing more efficient by eliminating time cards and unnecessary paperwork. Instead, all your employee records are kept on a secure cloud server for easy access. To better explain how the MinuteHound biometric time recording software works, here are a few frequently-asked questions.

Question: How Does the MinuteHound System Work?

Answer: The process is very simple. The scanner plugs into a USB port. Once connected, your employees will log in by pressing their thumb to the reader plate on the scanner. Once employees log in, their fingerprint data is converted to machine language and sent to a secure cloud-based server, where it is encrypted.

Question: I’m Concerned About Employee Privacy and Corporate Spies. Does MinuteHound Keep the Data On Site?
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Answer: MinuteHound does not keep employee data on site. The data is transmitted over the Internet to a secured cloud server, where it is encrypted using the strongest 256-bit encryption available. You need not worry about corporate spies or disgruntled employees messing with the data.

Question: How do I Access the Data?

Answer: When you first install the MinuteHound software, you set up a username and password for yourself. This username and password is used to log into the cloud server and access your data. You can also create other usernames and passwords for your payroll department.

Also, since the data is stored on a cloud server, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world and on any device that’s connected to the Internet. The information is displayed in real time inside organized charts and graphs for easy viewing. You can check up on problem employees by logging into the system and bringing up their attendance data.

Question: How Can I Tell if Someone is Gaming the System?

Answer: The MinuteHound biometric time recording system uses a unique red-flagging system that flags suspect data. Furthermore, if an employee is tardy or has been caught buddy-punching, the system will send you an Email or text message alerting you to the fraud so that you can deal with the situation before it affects your bottom line.

MinuteHound Goes Online

MinuteHound also has an online-only version of their biometric time recording software. This version does not come with a scanner. Instead, employees will simply log into the system to record their time. The IP address of the computer is logged so that you can tell if they’re actually at work. While this is a cheaper option, which is good if you’re on a tight budget, the online-only system is not as foolproof as the scanner.

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