Time Clock System- Biometric Scanner, Software, and Technical Support

Time Clock System- The Complete Time Keeping Package

Throw away the pens, paper, and any other old fashion way of keeping track of employee hours. Now, MinuteHound offers the complete time clock system: the biometric scanner, time clock software, and technical support round the clock to ensure your success. The time clock system also includes text/email alerts, lifetime updates, and a personal portal giving 24/7 access to all reports. From the very start, just by using MinuteHound businesess save up to 8% off payroll expenses.

In addition, all forms of cheating are over. Payroll fraud and buddy punching are eliminated, and the average customer who switches to MinuteHound sees a 2300% return on their investment. Biometrics work, and the time clock system from MinuteHound is proven to achieve results. Over 150,000 users record their time every single day using MinuteHound. From restaurants to fast food, warehouses to retail chains, hotels to doctor’s offices and everything in between use the time clock system. It’s affordable and fits any budget, and from day one the savings begin.

How The Time Clock System Works

After setting up and creating an account with MinuteHound, the biometric scanner is shipped. Once received it simply gets plugged into any computer. The time clock software is downloaded, and employees are registered. Keep in mind at any point if assistance is needed, it’s available. MinuteHound is super user friendly and easy to install, however, just know the professionals at MinuteHound can walk you through every step of the process. The entire installation process takes less than 10 minutes. After that, the time clock system is installed and ready to use.

Take the Next Step with Biometrics from MinuteHoundEmployees are now able to use the time clock system by simply swiping their finger or thumb on the scanner. This verifies their attendance to ensure accuracy, then records time. This time is recorded in real time so managers can view/edit and modify at any time. The time clock system also alerts managers if employees don’t show up to work, arrive late, or try to sneak out early. By sending out email alerts, even unsupervised employees are kept honest. The time clock system can also be accessed from any mobile device. This allows for managers to check the real time status of their office at any time, from anywhere.

Additional Features of the Time Clock System

The time clock system fits any budget. At $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location, small businesses can now afford the technology that drives large corporations. Not only does the time clock system lower expenses and increase savings, but it also makes the office green. No more time cards to print out or time sheets for employees to sign. Instead, everything is digital. Employees can simply log-in to view their time. Start saving and reduce expenses today with a time clock system from MinuteHound!

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MinuteHound Time Clock System.

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