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Web Time Entry System- How it Works

Time clocks and punch cards have been around for a very long time. Employees have always and will always need a way to record their time. Organizations and business owners are quickly finding out that traditional time sheets and punch card systems serve no real purpose. Even pins/passwords and RFID cards can be shared among friends at work. Time theft and buddy punching plague every small, medium, and large size business. That is why MinuteHound has developed the web time entry system. By using the latest technology, employees are kept honest, business owners save money, and spend less. The web time entry system starts working from day one, and offers an array of benefits.

Here is how the web time entry system works: after an account is setup, a fingerprint scanner is mailed out. Once received, simply plug in the scanner to any computer. In under 10 minutes, the installation is complete. Employees are registered and from this moment on, the web time entry is in place. Now, managers can log-in 24/7 to access reports, employees work history, and even export payroll. The web time entry system is an online employee attendance system. From any internet enabled device, managers will be able to log-in to view the real time status of their workplace, setup alerts, review their account, edit reports, and much more.

The Web Time Entry System Highlights

By having your employees record their time by scanning their finger or thumb, all the common problems with time keeping go away. No more cheating, employees fudging numbers, or lost time. In order for employees to record their time, they have to be physically present to scan. The web time entry system also has the ability to alert managers if employees leave early, show up late, or don’t show up at all. A text/email can be sent to managers alerting them of the employee activity. This feature alone from the web time entry system will free up valuable time for managers to focus on the business rather than track employees.

Web Time Entry- The Internet Time ClockThe web time entry system is your internet time clock. Even smart and crafty employees cannot cheat. The time used for reporting is from servers, so even if employees tried to change the time on the computer it wouldn’t work. Also, the web time entry system is 100% safe to use. Fingerprints are never stored, saved, or kept on file. MinuteHound has no way of ever retrieving fingerprints, and neither does anyone else. All data transfers use 128-bit encryption. MinuteHound also requires no training. The web time entry system is easy to use, and totally secure. Information is never at risk, and its very user friendly.

The Cost, Price and Fees of The Web Time Entry System

The web time entry system costs $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. There is no extra costs or hidden fees associated with it. The actual physical time clock, the scanner, which employees use to record their time is $99.95. It is a one time fee and is backed for life. Also included in the monthly fee is lifetime updates and technical support. If there is any problems or questions, simply call or email for a quick solution. The web time entry has many benefits with so much for employers to gain. Try it today risk free and see these benefits start working for your company!

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Web Time EntryNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
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