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Green Technology | Business Time Clock | Paperless

Using green technology at home and work have significant impacts. Not just helping mother earth, but also saving money! MinuteHound is the leader in biometric time and attendance, which is a completely paperless system for business. Employees arrive to work and record their time by swiping their finger or thumb. Their attendance is verified, and hours are logged. There is no paper to sign or card to punch. Green technology for business has been perfected by MinuteHound, and currently over 150,000 employees clock-in and out using this system.

No paper and no mess. Green technology means less clutter in offices. With MinuteHound, everything is digital. Employees can log-in 24/7 to view their digital time card. This way they can track their own hours, view their own work history, and not have to bother management for time sheets. Employees have basic access, and cannot change anything or view anyone else’s reports. Managers have higher permissions, and also have 24/7 access. They can view/edit/modify records from anywhere. At home, work, or on the go. Green technology not only means paperless, but wireless. MinuteHound’s advanced green technology makes offices and work sites virtual.

Features and Benefits of Green Technology

MinuteHound has many benefits and green technology is only the beginning. For starters, no more supplies. Don’t worry about paper, cards, pens, markers, etc. All you will need is a biometric time clock, which is mailed out after registration. Once the time clock is received, it simply gets plugged into any computer. The entire setup and installation is less than 10 minutes. If assistance is needed, MinuteHound provides technical support. Green technology has so many benefits, and clients get to use them all! There is no training required.

Green TechnologyIn addition to using green technology and going paperless, by using biometrics cheating is over. Employees have to be physically present in order to clock-in and out. This way friends cannot cover for each other or fudge numbers. The only time recorded is that which is worked. Payroll fraud is no more, and honesty is returned to payroll. Payroll is also a breeze, as all the reports are always available through the MinuteHound portal. Managers can review, conduct, and export payroll from any internet connection in the world! Isn’t green technology great!

Green Technology- Safe, Secure, and Private

Have no fear about privacy, as green technology is safe and secure. When MinuteHound transfers data, it is done so with 128-bit encryption. In addition, nothing is ever saved or stored locally. Even if the scanner and/or computer is stolen, it would have no effect on any information within MinuteHound. Also, and the most important: fingerprints are never saved. Instead of storing prints, MinuteHound breaks the information down into numbers to guarantee privacy. MinuteHound’s green technology is the most secure, private, and convenient time and attendance system on the market! It is super-user friendly, reliable, and proven to work. It is also the most cost-effective option available anywhere! Upgrade today and put green technology to work for you!

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