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MinuteHound-Time-Clock, the Future of Time and Attendance Biometric Technology

The MinuteHound time clock is the future of employee efficiency. With the endless responsibilities required in managing large and small businesses, this time and attendance biometric tracker allows managers to focus on their job, while politely compelling their employees to be honest in their work.

Time and attendance biometric technology is the most efficient way for businesses to get the most of their employees by eliminating employee time theft, notifying the appropriate leaders when employees are absent or in excess, and records all information automatically in reliable cloud storage. Time theft, buddy punching, unapproved overtime, and time manipulation are a thing of the past with this innovative time and attendance biometric technology. With advanced finger recognition, the MinuteHound-Time-Clock demands prompt and honest employees to fulfill their responsibilities by showing up on time and leaving when their time is finished. Save money now by purchasing MinuteHound and watch business profits increase or your money back guarantee!

Time and Attendance Biometric – Money Saving
By guaranteeing honest attendance, businesses will see their average payroll cost diminish by 2-8%. This alone will increase profits without raising product prices or reducing employee wages. Time and Attendance biometric is an effortless investment to increased business success and integrity in the work place. No longer will the opposition to the business’s success sit idly behind their undeserved paycheck. Start using simple time and attendance biometric now and see success immediately.

Time and Attendance Biometric – Employee Efficiency
Having difficulty trusting certain employees and their integrity concerning their check ins and check outs? MinuteHound allows managers to conquer the problem without confrontation and without accusation. With finger recognition clock in and outs, employees can no longer work overtime without permission, sign in when they are not present, or sign in early for extra wages. Text alerts are sent immediately to designated managers to ensure that the correct number of employees are on shift or if employees are late to work.

Time and Attendance Biometric – Cloud Storage
Cure Time Theft With Attendance TrackingWant to check an employees attendance record? Feel like this isn’t the first time this slacker is late? Easily check the automatically updated cloud storage to see for yourself who is in need of a raise or who deserves the boot. Access the cloud from anywhere in the world and always make sure that your business is operating at peak efficiency.

Time and Attendance Biometric – Save Money, Ensure Max Employee Efficiency, Cloud Storage
The MinuteHound-Time-Clock is the future of hands free business efficiency. If your looking for a simple way to increase profits and overall business success, start using this innovative tracking technology today! If you are not satisfied, then feel safe with our money back guarantee, including free return shipping. Start Saving Today!

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MinuteHound Time and Attendance Biometric.

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