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Time Clock Web Based – Browser Based and User Friendly

Why have an old clunky time clock taking up space? Or even worse, paper timesheets! Employees have bad hand-writing and bad habits. Timesheets rely on employees being honest and mistake free. We all know that is pretty much impossible. When managers conduct payroll, these paper timesheets take a very long time to process. Dealing with errors, bad penmanship, and wrong hours plague the common business. A time clock web based system solves all these problems and makes payroll easy and complete.

The time clock web based system is cheap, at only $1.00 per employee per month! There is no software or apps to download. All you need is the common PC, tablet, smartphone, iPad, etc and login to MinuteHound. The entire time clock web based system is web based. There are no cords to trip over and no upkeep at all. With the time clock web based system, lifetime updates are free! Technology is awesome, especially when you’re using it to your advantage.

How The Time Clock Web Based System Works

The entire time clock web based system requires 0 IT knowledge. It is user friendly and only needs an internet browser to work. The process is simple: an employee logs in, records their time, and goes to work. Entire process takes less than a minute and the best part is they can do it from anywhere. From their phone, PC, anywhere. Also, the time clock web based system includes the IP address, so there is no way they can clock-in from home and you not know it!

The other benefit is payroll is simple. Using the time clock web based system means reports are legit, legible, and legal. If you need a report from 5 years ago, it is a click away. Payroll is a breeze and and all calculations are already done. Just download and submit! MinuteHound also offers schedules, alerts, OT rules, sick/vacation tracking, etc. All for the low price of $1 per employee a month! Start saving today

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Time Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time Clock Web Based System!

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