Time Clocks Reviews: Time Clock Software and Technology Overview

MinuteHound Gains Rave Reviews

Take a good hard look at your business’ time clock. Have you checked the latest time clocks reviews? How is your current time clock stacking up against the competition in the time clocks reviews you’ve seen? Is it hard to tell?

Some time clocks reviews are better than others for giving you helpful information. The quality of time clocks reviews depends a great deal on who is writing the review and what they base their decisions on. Many time clocks reviews are based on a few tests run by a review company or the opinions of some gadget guru. Other time clocks reviews are based on the compiled (and averaged) results of 1 – 10 scale survey of time clock users.

Time Clocks Reviews That Count

MinuteHound has time clocks reviews in the words of people who matter the most – the clients that actually use MinuteHound. Who is better to tell you about how much MinuteHound can change a business for the better? Check out what a few of MinuteHound’s clients have to say:

  • “MinuteHound™ was the best decision we’ve ever made. Our payroll processing time has virtually been eliminated and the money we’re saving on time card exceptions has made a big impact to our bottom line.”
  • Q Regan, G. I. Design Studios

  • “Unlike the competition, MinuteHound™ is extremely easy to implement, allows for a gradual and risk-free implementation, provides access to detailed and customizable reports in real-time, and can easily be transported from place to place as is necessary with our operations.”
  • Landon P., Convergence Marketing

  • “I love the fact that attendance reports can be viewed in real lime from anywhere in the world. This allows me to check the status of my office personnel from my bedroom in the morning, the beach in Hawaii while on vacation or from any of our computers in the operating rooms.”
  • Dr. Katy Barin, NEA Dentistry

  • “We were fortunate to discover MinuteHound™ last year and have already seen a measurable savings in our payroll cost. Aside from the 7% payroll savings realized, we have also reduced the workload of our office manager”.
  • Dr. Leo Capobianco, Allure Cosmetic Laser Center

    Love It or Leave It

    Take another look at your current time clock. Does your review of your time clock look like the time clocks reviews of MinuteHound’s clients? If not, you could join the thousands of MinuteHound clients that use MinuteHound and love it. With MinuteHound’s risk free buy back guarantee you have nothing to loose. Order now and MinuteHound will be looking forward to receiving your glowing review soon.

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