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How Does Time Control Software Work? The Basics of Biometrics

Time control software is modern technology that works 24/7 for your company. Time and attendance is the process of your employee’s recording their time worked, such as signing in or punching in. Some companies use pins and passwords as well. However, what about the attendance part of it? How do you as a business owner know if your employees really worked the time they wrote down? Is it possible friends at work maybe covered for one another? Fudging numbers and cheating are easy when you don’t incorporate a foolproof system as part of your organization. This is where time control software comes in, as MinuteHound uses biometrics to stop time theft, buddy punching, and payroll fraud. This way, your reports are accurate and stay that way.

Time control software uses biometrics to ensure accuracy and honesty. Biometrics means your employees will be using their fingerprint instead of a pen. This is how you make your employees verify their attendance, well before writing down some made up time. Time control software keeps your employees honest all the time, and in most cases biometric software is less expensive than a big bulky machine or a brand new system. Your employees arrive to work, swipe their finger, and start their job! If they are late or try to leave early, you will know. Time control software will shoot you an e-mail and a text message letting you know your employee activity. So if your in your office or not, it doesn’t matter, as you will always know what’s going on!

Unique Features Of Biometric Time Control Software

Not only does time control software features text and email alerts, but it’s also green and paperless. Your employees can log-in from anywhere and check their own time. No need to print out reports, as they are online 24/7. Managers can even access the MinuteHound portal from work, home, or their iPad and check reports and monitor employee activity. Save money in more ways than one. Time control software also works on any computer, therefore you don’t have to buy a laptop just to use MinuteHound. You can use the office computer as the time control software will run in the background not affecting your day to day operations at all!

Time Control Software Uses128-Bit Data EncryptionAlso keep in mind time control software is 100% safe for all users. No images of fingerprints are ever stored. Instead all prints are broken down into a set of numbers and stored in cloud servers. This just means your information is not stored in the computer or at your place of business, this way you can view and modify information in real time. The time control software transfers all data with 128-bit encryption. Security and convenience go hand in hand with MinuteHound!

The Price And Subscription Rates of MinuteHound’s Time Control Software

The fingerprint scanner that connects to your PC and runs the time control software is $99.95. This price is a one time fee, which you pay once and that’s it. The actual subscription is setup to exceed the needs of all clients, while being practical. MinuteHound costs you $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. This is why MinuteHound is the leader in biometric time and attendance and has over 150,000 daily users. Time control software is cost effective, highly efficient, and offers a toolbox of resources for managers. If at anytime you feel like MinuteHound is not for you, you can always return the scanner and get back the $99.95. That guarantee is for life! Upgrade your business today!

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