Time Clock Software Reviews- Business Biometric Attendance Services

Time Clock Software Reviews- What’s Out There?

If your here trying to find out some information about the differences between time and attendance services and products, then your at the right place! Use these time clock software reviews to your advantage, and please if you have any more questions you can always call (800) 351-7237 and speak to a professional for advice. So for starters, what is time and attendance? What is time clock software? Well time and attendance is how your employees record their time worked. The time clock is the actual machine they physically punch in and out at. Sometimes this machine is your standard office computer. Time clock software can be downloaded to your computer and make your computer the time clock. The biggest question is how and what’s the difference? Keep reading this time clock software review to find out more.

When reading this time clock software review, keep in mind of what’s out there. There are big bulky machines that you can punch a card or swipe a badge. There are also pins and passwords, as well as the standard sign-in sheet. So even though these products offer a way for your staff to record their time, how do you verify their attendance? If your employee says they were on time and never left early, how do you know? Time clock software reviews anywhere will tell you that without biometrics, your losing money. Without using biometrics, there is no way to prove attendance. As an employer and manager, you need to have this feature.

Time Clock Software Reviews- Turn Your PC Into A Clocking Station

So now you know you have to use biometrics, but which is the best method? Who has the best prices? As you search around reading other time clock software reviews, pay attention to how your business will benefit. Not so much to how your going to have employees clock in and out, but the tools that will be at your disposal. For instance, MinuteHound offers biometric time clock software, which installs on any PC. You don’t need to buy anything extra, and your office will go green and paperless. In addition, with MinuteHound you and your employees will have 24/7 access to reports. Different permission levels but everyone will stay informed. Time clock software reviews should include these basic features, so make sure to read carefully when you make a decision.

Plug Into Savings After Reading Time Clock Software Reviews!The time clock software reviews should also include information about key features such as the scanner, and how it stores and retrieves information. Nowhere in the time clock software reviews should it say images are kept on file, for that is a HUGE red flag. If any prints are kept and saved on your computer, then if that computer is ever stolen so is your entire staff’s prints. MinuteHound never stores prints or any type of information on your computer. All data is encrypted and stored offsite. Don’t settle for less, as your employees trust you to keep their information safe. Time clock software reviews should highlight this process so please look for it.

Time Clock Software Reviews: Price and Benefits

Price of course is going to be one of the biggest decision makers. Any time clock software reviews you read should have this available, so if you come across a product with any type of hidden fees, watch out! MinuteHound charges $99.95 for the scanner, while each employee is $1.00 and each location is $5.00. The scanner price is only a one time fee. You pay the $99.95 price once and never again. The employee and location charges occur every month. Other companies charge up to 3x that amount. Read their time clock software reviews for yourself and you will see how MinuteHound is the best biometric time and attendance solution on the market. For anymore questions about this time clock software reviews, send us an e-mail at TimeClock@MinuteHound.com. Upgrade today and start saving!

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