It’s Your Money. Keep It! Choose MinuteHound’s Time Management Clock

Choose Your Time Management Clock Wisely. It Could Cost You!

The Time Management Clock you choose to utilize for time and attendance, has big implications. As many business owners know, it’s the little things that can add up over time. These little things can add up quick and hurt a business financially. Whether it’s little-noticed details of production costs or some other aspect of overhead. Items and issues that start out costing a few pennies can easily add up to huge amounts. In fact, American businesses report an average loss of $148 billion dollars every year due to time and attendance issues. Payroll is an intricate part of any and all business. It is one area where regardless of your product or service, every business needs the latest technology in order to stop the loss, and start saving.

MinuteHound is a groundbreaking biometric time management clock application that is designed to make payroll maintenance more effective and efficient. All the while completely eliminating buddy punching, time card errors, time clock manipulation and unapproved overtime. The amount of money this saves a business over time can add up to huge amounts. Not only that, because there are no physical cards or records to purchase, this time management clock system runs on mere pennies a day. There is no inventory. The fingerprint scanner, is the size of a coffee mug. The time management clock from MinuteHound not only saves money, but that valuable office space! It is also Green. Save money and mother earth!

MinuteHound’s Time Management Clock Features Plug and Play Technology

MinuteHound’s time management clock system was first designed for use by the military. The technology is advanced, however very simple and easy to use. All that’s required of the employee is to swipe his or her finger over the sensor upon arrival or departure. Their time data is then safely stored in a cloud-based location easily accessible from any Internet location in the world. This time management clock also uses 128-bit encryption for secure data transfer. As for the system itself, it is plug-and-play, making it very easy to use. You simply plug in your scanner, and start enrolling your employees. No learning curves to master. No training required.

Stop Employee Time TheftTime card abuse is a big problem with businesses throughout the world. Employees leaving early while still clocked in, or unapproved overtime being logged, these costs can add up over time. MinuteHound’s time management clock system, ensures every single minute is accounted for. That means not one dollar is paid for anything not earned. And when employees do leave early or stay late, this time management clock system automatically sends an email and/or notification to designated managers.

Time Management Clock Features Only From MinuteHound

Service. Support. Safety. Speed. Savings. These are just some of the reasons why to choose MinuteHound. As business owners, we all know what makes a company successful is the team behind the product. The time management clock software from MinuteHound is not a product with an expiration date. It does not collect dust on a shelf. If you ever encounter a problem or issue, simply give us a call. 24/7 Customer service and support. We are with you every step of the way. Lifetime updates. No contracts. 100% money back guarantee. Don’t buy a temporary solution based on yesterday’s needs. Choose MinuteHound time management clock software. It’s your money. Keep it!

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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time Management Clock: Clock Out Fraud. Clock in Savings!

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