Step Into The Future With MinuteHound’s Time Punch Machine!

Go Back To The Future With A Time Punch Machine!

Are you using a paper card time punch machine in your workplace? Get out of the past! These systems have been flawed since day one even though at the time they were the best available. That time is over. Everyday, businesses lose money on their payroll as a result of time card abuse, buddy punching, time card errors, time clock manipulation and unapproved overtime. Approximately 148 billion dollars a year is lost to American businesses from factors such as these. How would you like to have a nice piece of that pie back in your account?

The MinuteHound time punch machine not only eliminates this loss, but is so cost-effective it will start paying for itself within the first month. It is fully automated: No training or staff is required to run it. Cloud-based: No fancy or extra equipment or memory is needed, and the data can’t be lost. Green: It’s paperless, and needs no supplies or cataloging. It will work with your current payroll program. Via the web from anywhere in the world, you can look at spreadsheets of employee hours.
100% Guaranteed: For the life of the system you never need to worry if there’s a risk in using it. It only costs pennies per day. Customer Support: Available 24/7 by phone, e-mail, or website. Simple: It works by scanning the fingerprint of your employees and using that as their time card. Their identity remains protected because it’s never stored into the system. The time punch machine converts the image of their fingerprint into a 128 bit encryption code, then subdivides that code into four separate parts, going to four separate servers. Identity theft is impossible.

More Outstanding Reasons To Get A Time Punch Machine

Stay Alert. Stay in Business!No “Buddy Punching”: That employee alone can punch in and out. No more punching in for a tardy or absent friend. Alerts to you: Is anyone late or out for the day? You can get a text or email note saying so. Where everyone is: Having more than one scanner in your workplace will track where employees go and where they’re spending their time.

The reasons NOT to get a MinuteHound Time Punch Machine: (Insert answer here if found!) Go ahead, compare. You’ll leave that blank, too. Contact us today and do your business a favor. Stop losing money. Stop worrying what employees are taking you to the cleaners. You’ve got nothing to lose but a few headaches and we’re all for that, too. The MinuteHound Time Punch Machine is the best out there, and we’ll here to prove it to you.

MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time Punch Machine: Stop Living in The Past! Start Saving Today!

We are confident in our business, be just as confident in yours.
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  1. Love the technology stuff. It makes total sense for the fingerprints to be used as a method such as this.

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