How Fingerprint Time Clocks For Small Business Work

Fingerprint Time Clocks For Small Business: The Basics

Fingerprint time clocks for small business employers are an excellent way of keeping track of employee hours. These time clocks record all time clock information digitally. That information is then stored in an easy to search database. This information is then transferred safely and securely to the cloud. This process cuts down on time clock manipulation and eliminates buddy punching. These fingerprint time clocks for small business are incredibly accurate and reliable.

The fingerprint time clocks for small business ensure that employees aren’t able to cheat the system. Fingerprints are unique to every human being on earth. Fingerprint time clocks for small business forces your employees to show up on time, and never leave early. If they get 30 minutes for lunch, they cannot have their buddy clock them in while they are running late. Time theft exists in both blue and white collar work environments. The only way to stop it, is use of biometric technology for time and attendance. This forces employees to develop positive work habits, and cut out the bad ones.

Fingerprint Time Clocks For Small Business: How It Works

The technology behind MinuteHound’s software is advanced, however it is simple and easy to use. Employers will receive the biometric scanner in the mail, plug it into any computer they currently have, and begin saving money! The software is plug and play, so you literally have to plug in the scanner, then download the software. MinuteHound has numerous video tutorials to walk you through every step of the process. No training required. No learning curve to master. However if you ever need help, simply give MinuteHound a call. Someone is waiting to answer your call 24/7.

Your Information Is Stored Safe and SecureIt takes approximately 2-3 minutes for initial registration of your employees. After that, it takes seconds to clock in and out. Employees have to have their fingerprints scanned so that the fingerprint time clocks for small business can compare the fingerprint on file with the fingerprint of whomever clocks in each time. The fingerprint itself is NEVER stored on file. Instead, each individual fingerprint is broken down into a set of numbers, then stored on four separate serves for extra security. All information is transmitted via 128-bit encryption.

Fingerprint Time Clocks For Small Business Saves Time, Money, and Space

The time clock is a background application, so it can be installed on any work computer without interfering with its intended usage. When employees clock in each morning they sit at the computer and press their finger against the scanner. There is no need to login with a password or manually tell the system the employee’s name. The software will automatically compare the scanned fingerprint to those stored in its databases and find the exact match.

Fingerprint time clocks for small business employers make it super simple for employees to clock in and out. They also make it possible for businesses to eliminate nearly all time clock manipulation. When the software is installed and in use, it can save companies up to 5% in payroll expenses that might otherwise be lost. No more wasted time. No more wasted money. Click here to use the calculator and figure out your savings.

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