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As a business owner, you have many responsibilities. From meetings and phone calls, to operations and current trends. Regardless of your business model, your employees are the backbone of your company. While it’s nice to think your employees are being honest when they punch in and out, this is not always the case. Plus it can be hard to keep track of daily absence and planned vacations. On top of that, working on payroll every week can be a very time consuming task. If you want an easier way to handle the responsibilities that go along with handling your employees, you need time tracking excel from MinuteHound.

Time tracking excel from MinuteHound uses the latest technology to make your job as an employer easier. With time tracking excel, you can keep track of your employees while saving time on payroll related jobs. With traditional time card machines it can be easy for employees to be dishonest with their attendance. Every year it is reported that $148 billion dollars is lost due to time and attendance/payroll issues. MinuteHound was created for this exact reason. Time theft exists in both white and blue collar work environments. The true way to put an end to time theft, is with MinuteHound’s time tracking excel software. It will also put a stop to the time consuming task of payroll by keeping track of employees’ hours. MinuteHound time tracking excel software works with just about all payroll programs out there.

Why You Need Time Tracking Excel Software From MinuteHound

By using a technologically advanced form of time keeping called biometric fingerprint recognition, you can easily keep track and ensure the honesty of all your employees. With time tracking excel from MinuteHound, information about the attendance of employees can be easily accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Plus, it sends you emails or text messages when an employee is late, leaves early, or absent. With this amazing new system, you truly can simplify your job as a business owner.

Build Your Success With Time Tracking ExcelThe way time tracking excel software works, is all through a USB scanner the size of a coffee mug. It is 100% paperless. No extra inventory. No other equipment to purchase. When your employees arrive or leave work, they simply swipe their finger on the scanner. The time tracking excel software can be installed on any current system you already have. The program runs in the background so you can continue to work on the same machine the software is running on. The fingerprint image is never stored. Instead, the fingerprint is broken down into a set of numbers, then spread out across several remote secure servers. Data loss is no longer a worry. All your records are stored in the cloud. You can access them whenever you want. You also have the choice to print this information, export it to a spreadsheet, PDF, Excel or ASCII.

Upgrade to MinuteHound. Upgrade Your Business

If you are a business owner who wants to simplify your job by eliminating the problems that go along with traditional time cards, you need to try time tracking excel from MinuteHound. With this system, you can keep track of your employees’ attendance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. MinuteHound is risk free with no contracts to sign. Customer service and support offer you a tried and tested team standing behind you every step of the way. When you switch to MinuteHound your changing the way you do business. Technology is great! Now is the time to put it to work for you!

MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time Tracking Excel: Advanced Technology Ready To Work Just For You!

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