How Biometric Technology Works. Why The Time Recorder Clock Exists

The Time Recorder Clock That Guarantee’s Savings

As a business owner, if your not using an automated time recorder clock, it can become a very difficult and stressful task to keep track of all of your employees and their hours. Antiquated punch in or clock-in systems can be error prone and cause you and your business to lose money. Not only in mistakes and errors, but time theft and employee abuse. This can make payroll a huge hassle. As you know, some employees simply take advantage of the old time and attendance methods. They have their friends punch in for them while running late or leaving early. They fudge their numbers one way or the other on time sheets or badge swipes. The only true and proven way to eliminate time theft, is with biometric technology. MinuteHound’s time recorder clock utilizes biometric technology ensuring accurate records.

The MinuteHound time recorder clock is the newest wave of time tracking for businesses. The advanced technology it uses makes payroll a breeze. Instead of punching into a machine or an antiquated time sheet, the employee scans his/her fingerprint through a biometric fingerprint scanner. No more badges, time cards, or username’s and passwords. Fingerprints are unique to every human being alive. By using the fingerprint as a form of recognition, your guaranteeing accurate payroll. No more wasted time. No more wasted money. MinuteHound’s time recorder clock is your surefire way to save.

Why The Time Recorder Clock Was Created And How It Works

This fingerprint scanner is plug and play. This means you can simply plug it in, download software, and begin to save! The technology behind the time recorder clock is advanced, however simple and easy to use. It also connects to any existing computer you have in your business. No additional equipment to buy. No inventory to maintain. MinuteHound’s time recorder clock is also paperless. The software organizes all of your employees and tracks all hours worked. However, the time recorder clock does not store information on your computer.

Time Recorder Clock Features 128-Bit Data Encryption All information is recorded and transmitted via 128-bit encryption offsite to secure cloud servers. You no longer need to worry about data loss or file keeping. The time recorder clock is also accessible from any internet connection in the world. Whether in your office or out of office, you have instant access to all your employee activity.

MinuteHound’s time recorder clock was designed for business owners, by business owners. American businesses lose on average $148 billion due to time and attendance/payroll issues. Time theft and employee abuse accounts for much of this. However simple human error also contributes. MinuteHound created the time recorder clock to work on multiple fronts:

  • Fingerprint recognition to guarantee accuracy.
  • Live reporting 24/7 in order to keep all owners and managers up to speed
  • Access to your reports from any mobile device, iPad, tablet, or workstation via any internet connection.
  • Information is kept safe and secure offsite on multiple servers. Fingerprints are never kept on file.
  • 100% Green. No paper. No time cards. No inventory. No over-sized machines to take up valuable office space.
  • Eliminate human error via text and e-mail alerts.
  • System is user-friendly on all levels. No training required. No learning curve to overcome.
  • Simple and practical price points.
  • MinuteHound’s time recorder clock literally pays for itself.
  • No fine print. No contracts to sign. Money back guarantee.
  • Lifetime updates included.
  • The best customer service and support in the industry. No extended warranties required.

  • The Time Recorder Clock Is Your True Business Assest

    Take the hassle out of payroll and start saving money with the MinuteHound’s Time Recorder Clock software. You will notice a difference in your workplace within days. When you upgrade to biometrics, you will start saving every month. MinuteHound’s time recorder clock system works for any sized business. If you have any questions or concerns, simply call or e-mail. There is a team standing by 24/7 in order to help you every step of the way. Never feel alone. Lose the headaches. Lose the stress. Gain confidence and put more money back in your bank account. It’s your money, keep it!

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    MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
    MinuteHound Time Recorder Clock: Upgrade To Biometrics. Upgrade Your Business.

    We are confident in our business. Be just as confident in yours.
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