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Why Time Tracking Software is So Important

Each and every business in America is in operation for one reason: profit! Even charities have to make money and acquire funding to be operational. The best way to control costs is to budget well and have a firm grasp of spending. Everyone has employees, and employees need to be paid. Whether hourly or salary or commission based, companies pay out weekly or bi-weekly and that incurs payroll costs and overview. MinuteHound does all this work for you plus at the same time, controls every minute worked by an entire workforce. Time tracking software works on any PC in any work environment. Simple download but powerful technology providing proven results. From small businesses to large organizations, time tracking software allows control over staff and payroll savings.

How to Properly Use Time Tracking Software

It is a very easy process: download and start using! It is actually that simple. Just login to your MinuteHound account, download the software and register your employees. They will then be able to start using the system right away. When they do, as a manager you can login from any internet connection in the world! Time tracking software updates live in real-time. As soon as your employee clocks in, within seconds it will display their entrance time/location/employee number and other data online. This way you have complete control over your workforce, from anywhere. Limit hours and setup alerts using time tracking software to notify you or anyone you choose if someone tries to leave early or work more than they should.

Prices and Costs Associated with Time Tracking Software

Time tracking software is not only easy to use, it is very affordable! How affordable? It is just $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location! Pretty sure most businesses can afford $1.00 an employee to track time, cut out fraud, and lower expenses beginning from the first use. Once companies start using MinuteHound most honest and hardworking employees flourish while cheaters and friends who steal time and cover for each all of a sudden have no way to fool the system. They might complain, but that just means MinuteHound is working! Try time tracking software today and start cutting out waste and pocketing profit!

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