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Attendance Tracking Software Helps Your Business with MinuteHound

Is your business struggling with time card fraud or dealing with difficult and messy payroll files? Attendance tracking software can provide a real solution to your problems. With MinuteHound attendance tracking software, you can save money, go paperless and protect your business against time theft.

Time card fraud or time theft can be a problem for many businesses. With traditional time clocks or time sheets, incorrect information or “buddy punching” can cost your business large amounts of money. The MinuteHound attendance tracking software eliminates this concern. MinuteHound uses biometric fingerprint technology. Every time employees clock in or out, they use their uniquely identifying feature to access the system. With MinuteHound, time theft will be eliminated within seconds.

Beyond that, MinuteHound attendance tracking software makes time tracking easy for employees too. Employees just touch their fingers to the simple scanner and are ready to go to work. With MinuteHound, time tracking has a simple and effective solution for everyone in the office.

Attendance Tracking Software for Staff

Attendance Tracking SoftwareMinuteHound attendance tracking software makes payroll and other reporting a breeze. With just a click, you’ll have access to complete time and attendance reporting over any time period. Your records will be complete and you won’t need to fish through paper files to find the information you need. No longer will payroll be an arduous task taking hours. This attendance tracking software helps to sort out any confusion.

With the simple attendance tracking software of MinuteHound, you’ll also find that it’s easy for your office to go paperless. You’ll no longer need huge filing cabinets full of paper time records. Everything will be available at a click from our cloud-based system. This will cut down on paper waste from your office, making it simple to go green. Not only does MinuteHound attendance tracking software help you to save the environment, it also helps you to save money. You won’t need to order time cards or other inventory. MinuteHound costs businesses only pennies a day.

This attendance tracking software is also ultra-secure. No fingerprints are stored on file with MinuteHound. All data is transferred using 128-bit encryption. This means that your important personal data is secure from hackers and malware. Beyond that, MinuteHound gives you what you need as a business owner. You can log in to the system from anywhere in the world and receive live time and attendance information. You can also receive email and text alerts in case of a late or absent employee.

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