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MinuteHound: The Fingerprint Time Clock to Lighten Your Business Load

Any business seeking a solution to time tracking woes and confusion can find a new and innovative solution with a fingerprint time clock called MinuteHound. From making payroll a cinch to eliminating time theft, MinuteHound can make your business’s recording and verification straightforward, simple, and reliable.

As a fingerprint time clock, MinuteHound is based on biometric technology. This means that every single clock in and clock out is keyed to an employee’s uniquely identifying feature. No more will you learn that a fellow employee clocked in for someone else. A fingerprint time clock eliminates this concern. Your business will find that time theft and time card fraud is a thing of the past.

A Fingerprint Time Clock is Easy!

The MinuteHound fingerprint time clock is also simple and easy for your employees. They place their fingers on the scanner for only seconds and are ready to go to work right away. A fingerprint time clock eliminates the need to fiddle with bulky time clocks or messy time sheets. It makes time tracking simple and easy for everyone involved in the process.

With the MinuteHound fingerprint time clock, you’ll also find it easy for your business to “go green.” You won’t need filing cabinets full of old printed time sheets and time cards, and you’ll never need to rummage for missing paperwork. Instead, complete time and attendance records are available for download at a click from MinuteHound’s cloud-based system. With a fingerprint time clock, you’ll save both your money and the environment. You’ll dramatically cut down on paper waste in your office and you won’t need to order time cards, time sheets, or other inventory. Businesses find that it costs only pennies a day to use MinuteHound.

Fingerprint Attendance MachineA fingerprint time clock is also both responsive and secure. No fingerprint data is stored on file with MinuteHound, and the software uses 128-bit encryption to transfer data. This means that your precious personal data is safe and secure from hackers and malware. More than that, MinuteHound tells you what you need to know. You can log in from any internet connection in the world and access live time and attendance reporting. MinuteHound will even send you an email or text message about late or absent employees, so you’ll always know what’s happening in the office.

No Risk Involved. Try it Free of any Commitments!

The fingerprint time clock is easy to use and install. Just connect the scanner to any computer and in seconds, you’ll be ready to go. MinuteHound is plug-and-play; there’s no need for special training or guidance. It’s easy to get started with a fingerprint time clock and eliminate fraud, waste, and confusion from your office. Round-the-clock support is available for the system, and a trial is risk-free with no obligations. If you’re looking for a time tracking solution, there’s no simpler and more efficient answer than MinuteHound.

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