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Time Tracking Tools For Owners And Managers

What do you currently use as your time and attendance? Pins, passwords, paper, pens? How about badges or cards? Well, throw them all out for you no longer need any of them! Welcome to modern technology, where the heavy lifting is done for you! MinuteHound’s time tracking tools offer biometric accuracy, 24/7 access to your reports, text and e-mail alerts, and much more. You spend more time focusing on your business than keeping tabs on your staff. By using biometrics in your business, you are guaranteed accuracy. No more fudging numbers or cheating of any kind. When you use the foolproof time tracking tools to monitor your employee activity, you save more and spend less.

An alerts system is part of your time tracking tools, to help you keep track of employees even when your not around. If any of your staff show up late or leave early, you will be notified. A text and/or email will be sent to you, your managers, or even the employee. It’s up to you how you utilize the time tracking tools, but just know you have plenty to choose from! MinuteHound is your full solution for all your time and attendance needs.

The Time Tracking Tools You Need For Your Business

The entire system is green. By going paperless, you save money. The time tracking tools at your disposal will allow your staff to log-in from anywhere to check and view their own reports. If they ever want a copy, they have it. You will also be able to export your own reports to Excel or PDF at anytime. You can also log-in from anywhere at anytime to view a real time status of your staff. So if your traveling or out of office, pull out your smartphone or tablet and take a look at your office. Time tracking tools help you succeed and always keep you in the know!

Time tracking tools offer many benefits, but also keep in mind they are all 100% safe to use. All data is transferred with 128-bit encryption to offsite cloud servers. This means nothing is ever stored on your computer. Every time your employee scans their finger, the image is broken down into a set of numbers. Time tracking tools offer security as well as convenience.

How Time Tracking Tools Work And The Price

All the time tracking tools offered from MinuteHound are advanced, but super user friendly. After you setup your account, the fingerprint scanner is mailed to you. You can plug it in to any PC you have, the software is downloaded, and you begin to enroll your employees. The scanner itself is $99.95 and that’s a one time fee. Pay once, and never again. All the features, benefits, time tracking tools, software, and all else is $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. That’s it! You can spark a change in your office and only pay for what you need. Upgrade your business with biometric time tracking tools and start saving today!

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