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Time Worked Calculator: Add Up Employees Hours Easily

Imagine getting rid of the weekly employee time calculations and, even better, having up to date time records available at any moment. MinuteHound has a built in time worked calculator that lets you know who’s close to overtime and who’s not working full days. You can check the numbers, make quick decisions about staffing, and get back to the job.

At some companies, the time worked calculator is the payroll clerk. He or she sorts through a pile of paper cards, stamped several times a day. Hopefully the stamps are clear and correct. If the time clock was wrong on Tuesday maybe there’s a correction to be made. If there are hand corrections on the card they should be initialed by the supervisor. If not, that card is set aside for verification. It’s a tough process. Having a time worked calculator at your fingerprints makes your job easier.

Time Worked Calculator: Modern Technology That Helps You Out

Even if more modern technologies are in use, the time worked calculator built into the time clock is usually pretty basic. It can give a few totals that give an overall picture of an employee’s time, shift time, or totals for the week.

The MinuteHound time worked calculator, part of the reports feature, gives summaries managers love. It’s quick and easy and answers whatever questions you have. Just click on the reports to get perspectives on what your workforce is doing. A supervisor can click on an employee’s total to quickly understand why it’s high or low. It’s hard to imagine how the card-punching companies manage!

Time to Start Saving! Try MinuteHound's Time Worked Calculator Today!A time worked calculator’s results are no better than the data. Even after the hard work of adding up time on cards, there are so many ways they could be wrong. Maybe someone even punched the wrong card by accident. MinuteHound’s time worked calculator is basing its results on accurate time from the Internet. Combine that with the unique fingerprint scanning technology, and you’ve got reliable, exact data.

Time Worked Calculator Does The Hard Work For You

Next time you call from a business trip to ask accounting to total someone’s card and call you back, think of MinuteHound. With MinuteHound you’d open your laptop, log on to your MinuteHound site, and look at any time data you want updated to the current time. You don’t have to call, wait, or have anyone spend time gathering data. It’s all right there. It’s a time worked calculator that is always ready for your questions. Try out the time worked calculator and all the benefits of MinuteHound today risk free!

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