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Timecard Calculator- One Solution to Many Problems

In modern businesses, plenty of different timekeeping methods exist. Some companies still use paper and a pen. Others have computer systems where employees press a button to log-in. Whatever the case may be, MinuteHound’s timecard calculator is a cut above the rest. By combining the latest cloud and biometric technology, the timecard calculator is proven to work in all business environments.

Forgetting to Swipe in
When the time comes to add up the hours and minutes worked, some managers find that their employees forgot to sign-in. When the timekeeping system is not easily accessible, this problem happens more than it should. However, MinuteHound’s timecard calculator does not need a dedicated computer. It can be set up anywhere. Setting it up by the front door is a good idea. In addition, MinuteHound has the ability to send out text and email alerts to managers in order for the to instantly know all staff activity.

Better Than Other Online Systems
You might be wondering why other computer or Internet systems are not as efficient as this timecard calculator. Well, when employees have to log-on to a computer, they could be signing one another in and out of work. MinuteHound uses fingerprint technology to identify employees. It is impossible for one employee to swipe in for another one. This makes record-keeping efficient and 100% accurate.

MinuteHound’s Timecard Calculator is Internet Based- Accessible From Anywhere

A paper and pen cannot jump up and assist you with other office duties. A timecard calculator can. When you go to add up the times for employees, you will see all of the information presented in an organized and understandable fashion. You do not need to spend hours cranking out numbers anymore. Also, this timecard calculator system will tell you if someone leaves too early or arrives late for a scheduled shift.

Set Up is Easy
Employee Time Clock Is Plug and PlayYou might also be a little afraid of the MinuteHound timecard calculator because you think setting it up will be difficult. Fortunately, the software for this device is plug-and-play. Within a few minutes of the items arriving, you can actually be using them to make your work life better and more efficient. Technical support is also available around the clock. If any issues arrive with how to access and pull reports, use the timecard calculator, or anything at all; assistance is always a phone call away.

This timecard calculator can quickly become your best friend at work. When you have been having troubles with keeping track of time, this system is definitely something you want to purchase.

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