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Timesheet Software: Cloud Time & Attendance Solutions for the 21st Century

When a business grows to the point it has multiple employees, several new challenges arise. There are many new types of records which must be kept, and the accounting solutions become much more complicated for that business. Smart business owners find efficient ways to solve many of their administrative concerns, so they can focus on the day to day operations of their company. One such solution is MinuteHound. MinuteHound is a timesheet software service which removes the headache from the time and attendance process.

Reduce Payroll Overhead
With a manual timesheet software system, many payroll overhead items can pop up. For example, employees might leave a job early or arrive late, but their time cards will show them as being present for their entire shift. This can easily be done with a traditional timesheet software system. Some people accomplish this by “buddy punching,” where employees take turns recording fake times to let their friends leave early or arrive late. Next, traditional timesheet software systems require large timecard punching systems and piles of paperwork to sift through. MinuteHound timesheet software gets rid of this problem. All that’s required is a finger scanner, one per site, and the rest is done in the cloud. Managers can log in and view timesheet software information any time of day. Alerts can also be setup to warn them if an employee’s behavior is outside of the normal.

Eliminate Worry Over False Times By Using Timesheet Software

There are various ways to trick the timesheet software in a business. Many of these ways are exploited simply because it’s possible. MinuteHound’s scanner system makes this impossible. Employees must slide their fingertip over the scanner, keeping anyone but them from punching in or out for their timecard. The result is that managers can trust the times being reported, and work on them without the regular time spent in traditional timesheet software review. This is also a financial gain, as management can focus on more important supervisory tasks.

Timesheet Software Is Safe and SecureSome owners don’t want to implement new systems due to potential costs. MinuteHound’s timesheet software costs just pennies a day in most cases. The only start-up cost is $99.95 for the scanner. The rest of the system runs in the cloud, so there are no servers to run or records to keep. The monthly service cost varies, but it starts at $24.95 for small businesses with less than twenty employees. There are no obligations, cancellation fees, or upgrade charges to worry about. The scanner even comes with a lifetime money back guarantee.

Trust MinuteHound with Your Timekeeping Needs

MinuteHound is reliable, cost-efficient and will change the way you think about timekeeping in your business. With around the clock support and friendly customer service, business owners can finally focus on their business compared to error filled reports and losing money. By using biometrics and a timesheet software program to manage all staff activity, all cheating is over and added savings begin.

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