Timeclock Technology: An Affordable Way to Prevent Fraud and Manage Staffing Needs

Timeclock Technology: An Explanation

MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock is an efficient and affordable way to prevent fraud and manage staffing needs. Timeclock technology provides accurate payroll reporting in real time using cloud based software. Management can easily adjust staffing needs by using automatically generated reports. Discover more about the advantages of MinuteHound’s time clock system to learn how it can help your business become more profitable and productive.

Biometric Timeclock Technology

Timeclock fraud has become a growing problem in the business world today. Businesses can experience a substantial loss from inaccurate time clock reporting. Employees often enter false information to make it seem like they worked longer hours. Many workers have other employees punch their time card when they are running late or leaving early. MinuteHound uses Biometric fingerprint technology to prevent timeclock fraud. This kind of timeclock technology makes it impossible for employees to clock each other in and out. It’s also prevents employees from making changes to their time.

Timeclock Technology Software

MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock can be used by small and large businesses in multiple locations. Timeclock technology software can be installed on any computer with an internet connection. The biometric scanner can easily be connected up to 54 feet from a computer. Fingerprints are encrypted into 128-bit numbers without compromising an employee’s privacy. The cloud based software enables management to review timecard reports even when they are not in the office.

Evaluating Staffing Needs

Fingerprint Clock in System

Timeclock technology is an excellent way to evaluate staffing needs. Management might need to create or eliminate positions based on their current business needs. Businesses can save a great deal of money when they restructure their organization. Many businesses realize their production goals can be met with a smaller staff after using timeclock technology software. Staffing needs can change very rapidly, which is why it’s important to use accurate reporting.

Lowering Employment Costs

MinuteHound’s timeclock technology helps businesses save money by lowering their employment costs. Fingerprint technology software generates automated reports, which eliminates the need to manually calculate hours. Businesses can save hours of payroll reconciliation by running these reports in a matter of minutes.

Timeclock technology is a cost-effective way to prevent fraud and adjust staffing needs. Fingerprint time clock systems ensure employees are only paid for the time they worked. Accurate reporting helps management determine staffing needs based on their current situation. Contact MinuteHound today to take advantage of biometric fingerprint technology.

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