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MinuteHound: The Top Time Clock Software on the Market!

Have you ever felt like doing payroll is a major headache and time constraint on your business’ productivity? MinuteHound is the top time clock software available on the market, and can help you deal with those payroll headaches. MinuteHound offers an eco-friendly, paperless solution that involves plugging a small device into your computer or smart phone.

The process to get started with MinuteHound is quite simple. This top time clock software allows employees to clock in and out using a simple fingerprint scanner that will automatically log the time that they spend clocked in. Employers can easily set up red flags that could indicate unapproved overtime, payroll manipulation, or other serious issues. The system is cloud-based and easy to access from anywhere in the world. Creating automatic payroll reports takes mere seconds. In addition, employers will get automatic email or text message alerts when an employee clocks in late or clocks out early from an assigned shift.

Why is MinuteHound The Top Time Clock Software?

If you would prefer a more traditional, but also convenient and paperless system, the top time clock software is also available in a web-based format. Employees will create a username and password combination that they must enter when clocking in and out while using MinuteHound. Employees can log-in from any device, including smart phones, to clock in and out. Every log-in instance is recorded within the top time clock software with a time stamp and an IP address record to ensure that there is no abuse of the system can happen. The web-based option for the top time clock software includes all the features of the biometric fingerprint scanner version as well.

MinuteHound’s top time clock software requires absolutely no inventory or time card keeping, and is completely secure using 128-bit encryption for each and every data transfer. In addition to all these benefits, MinuteHound’s top time clock software is easy to use and requires zero training for employees and employers alike. Support is offered around the clock for any and all questions that you may have using MinuteHound and there are zero obligations or risks to the purchaser.

Overall, MinuteHound is the top time clock software available. With its easy to integrate process, round the clock support system, and convenience that it provides to employers, there really is no better way to ensure that your payroll is being handled properly. Employers who wish to make their payroll headaches go away should call today.

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