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Employee Attendance Made Easy and Simple

Every employee at every company needs a way to record their time and get paid. No one works for free and each employer has legal obligations to record this time accurately. MinuteHound has a full solution, with no hardware or equipment needed. Online employee attendance is super simple and easy to track. Simply add the employee into MinuteHound and the system will send an email so they can create an account. Takes less than a minute, then the employee logs in via the PC at work, their own smartphone, or any other device. It will record their comings and goings and no upfront expenses at all. Best of all, MinuteHound also records their IP address. So your employees can’t be at the beach when they are supposed to be at work.

Employee attendance can be difficult with paper time sheets or even cards. However, when using MinuteHound’s employee attendance system it becomes so easy to just log in, edit a report, then print/download it. The system even matches well with any payroll program as you can create custom reports to fit your specific needs. Employees have 24/7 access to view their time card online which makes it easy for not only managers, but even as employees they can track their own time which makes them more invested and aware. Employers are always dealing with pay issues but not anymore! MinuteHound’s employee attendance makes everyone happy across the board.

Is Online Employee Attendance Expensive or Complicated?

No and No! MinuteHound’s system cost $1.00 per employee and there is no hardware or setup required. All you have to do is login and add an employee. MinuteHound does the rest by sending that employee instructions to setup their account. Also, MinuteHound’s online employee attendance system has 5 different permission levels. So you can add not only employees, but managers and company administrators. You can create branches/locations and assign employees to that specific admin for better organization. The Employee attendance system has you covered! Stop thinking about paper and pens or some other expensive solution. Get paperless, green and secure technology. All for a buck per person!

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