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Saving Time and Resources

As business owners continue to implement new methods of attendance management, biometrics has taken center stage. Biometrics helps to identify, track, monitor and authenticate your staff’s comings and goings. And although some employers find it to be intrusive, others happily attest that a biometric fingerprint scanner is the only way to track their employees. Some employers use a biometric fingerprint scanner to improve the accuracy of attendance. With the increase of time theft and payroll fraud across the board, converting to a MinuteHound biometric fingerprint scanner can help you pinpoint those “troublesome” employees and take the necessary corrective action.

On the other hand, when a company takes off and becomes very successful, it’s only natural to hire new employees to handle the additional work. As such, traditional timekeeping methods such as time cards, ID badges and a stationary time clock leads to nothing but confusion. It’s far too easy to make a mistake when tabulating hours. Human error is one of the leading causes of loss revenue every year. Switching over to a biometric fingerprint scanner system will help you save thousands each year by eliminating the possibility of such errors. In addition, you no longer need to pay for unauthorized overtime charges. With traditional timekeeping methods, it’s difficult to determine whether overtime punches are valid or not. MinuteHound takes the guesswork out of keeping accurate attendance records.

Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Perks

Whether you in the office or traveling for business, you have full access to attendance records with a MinuteHound biometric fingerprint scanner. With a stable internet connection, you are able to verify that everyone is working as they should from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. You can even set up customize alerts in case some of your trusty staff decides to head out early for happy hour.

Build Your Success With Biometric SolutionsHigh-tech time tracking systems can be quite expensive, but with MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint scanner, you actually save money. By eliminating the need for conventional timekeeping methods such as paper time sheets, ID badges and PIN codes, you are able to keep your money in the bank. And if you’re not completely satisfied, you are able to cancel at any time. A biometric fingerprint scanner almost pays for itself!

Environmentally Friendly
MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint scanner not only saves money, but it also helps to preserve the planet. By eliminating the need for paper products, you can decrease your carbon footprint. MinuteHound makes it easy to do your part to save the environment one day at a time. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, there is no better time than now to make the change to a MinuteHound biometric fingerprint scanner. From increasing productivity levels to boosting company morale, MinuteHound has you covered.

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