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MinuteHound: The Best Time Clock Software For Your Company
Have you been looking to replace the rapidly aging time clock at your company? Are you sick of handling, keeping track of and ultimately losing old-fashioned time punch cards? Now is the perfect time to replace this ancient technology with fingerprint-based time clock software from MinuteHound! It is sure to save you time, money and hassle by streamlining your business’ operations.

MinuteHound is more than just time clock software. It is actually made up of three components: a biometric fingerprint scanner, a cloud-based service and the time clock software itself. All an employee needs to do is to touch their fingertip to the scanner to clock in or out. The event time is automatically recorded and stored in the connected cloud service’s database. Because employees cannot use this time clock software without being present, time theft caused by employees clocking in and/or out for each other is eliminated!

Would you prefer a less expensive option that does not require the fingerprint scanner? That’s fine, too! MinuteHound time clock software works seamlessly with its cloud service, allowing employees to clock in and out from any Internet-connected device, be it a computer, smartphone or tablet. Instead of their fingerprint, employees can use a username and password combination. To ensure that employees are clocking in or out from where they say that they are, the time clock software’s cloud service records the IP address for each time clock event.

Fingerprint ClockEmployers can retrieve time clock event information at any time and from any location. It is even possible for the time clock software to automatically contact a chosen person using e-mail or even SMS text message. All time clock events and fingerprint data is stored securely using 128-bit encryption.

Setup is easy and requires only novice computer skills. The optional fingerprint scanner connects instantly to any standard USB port. Desktop and laptop PCs are supported. Setup costs are low, the learning curve is minimal and US-based support is available around the clock. MinuteHound time clock software is risk-free, has no obligation and is sure to pay for itself many times over. Don’t wait- give MinuteHound time clock software a try today!

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