Do You Need Attendance Software For Your Business? YES!

MinuteHound attendance software saves time and money

Time and attendance software can help to ensure that your business has great records and real accountability. MinuteHound is advanced attendance software that is fast, easy-to-use and a great choice for large and small offices.

One unique aspect of the MinuteHound attendance software is that it uses biometric fingerprint technology to track time. This means that every clock in and clock out is uniquely trackable to a specific employee. With MinuteHound, your office can eliminate wasteful and fraudulent expenses caused by buddy punching or other time theft. You won’t need to worry about dishonest clock-ins and clock-outs with MinuteHound.

Not only does MinuteHound help you to save money by eliminating wasteful expenses, it also makes life easy for employees. Clocking in takes just seconds. Employees place their finger on the MinuteHound attendance software scanner. That’s all they need to do clock in and get ready to work right away.

What Does Attendance Software Exactly Do?

Even more, this advanced attendance software ensures that you’re never too far from the office. You can solve problems and keep track of time and attendance from anywhere around the world. The cloud-based reporting is available from any Internet connection. You can see exactly who is in the office when. You can even receive email or text alerts in case of someone leaving early or coming in late.

This attendance software can also help you to save on time and inventory in other ways. With MinuteHound, you don’t need to keep a stock of time cards or time sheets. No physical inventory is needed. It also helps your company to go green and cut down on wasting paper. Its recording system is completely cloud-based. There’s no need for bulky filing cabinets or large paper supplies.

Fingerprint Time ClockThis means that MinuteHound also makes it easy to track and process your payroll. You can download all of the information you need from the cloud with just a few clicks. There’s no need to sort through messy time sheets and manually enter data. Everything you need to complete payroll is available with a simple download.

Not Only Advanced, but Attendance Software is Completely Safe

The attendance software is complete with a high level of security. 128-bit encryption protects your data and MinuteHound never saves fingerprints or other personal data. It’s easy to bring this advanced time and attendance software to your workplace. Just connect the plug-and-play scanner to any computer and you can get started without specialized installation or IT help. Any business can begin to benefit today from all the advantages of MinuteHound.

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
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