Business News: What Are Biometrics? Definitions and Terms Explained

New technology leaves many people wondering, “What are biometrics?” Biometric authentication uses your employees’ physical characteristics to log them in to a computer system.

What Are Biometrics Functions?

Every person’s body is unique. Biometrics tools measure many different characteristics. The most common biometric tools scan fingerprints. Fingerprints are easy to scan. They are an error-proof way to identify people.

What Are Biometrics Products?

The least expensive biometrics systems are fingerprinting systems. These have many different uses. They can protect cash registers and vaults and clock employees in and out of work.

People place their finger on a small device that scans their fingerprint. Most times the information is stored on a computer. With MinuteHound, nothing is ever stored on site. All information is encrypted and sent offiste to cloud servers, leaving no risk of information loss. MinuteHound is quick and easy to setup and employees can clock in and out with fingerprinting systems for 100% accurate activity logs.

What Are Biometrics Advantages?

Every person has a different fingerprint. Employers who use biometrics can prevent employees from clocking in for another person. Biometrics systems keep constant records of when workers come to work and when they leave. Managers can make sure everyone is on time and does not leave until the end of the day. Systems also show when workers are staying overtime and MinuteHound can send out alerts to keep management in the loop at all times.

What Are Biometrics Products from MinuteHound?

MinuteHound makes systems that use fingerprints to clock workers in and out of work. Companies can save money in many ways with biometrics systems from MinuteHound.

  • Stop workers from clocking in for other people who may be late to work or absent.
  • Can export reports into most payroll programs, saving both time and money.
  • Check the real time status of all locations and employees from any mobile device.

MinuteHound’s system makes payroll easier by replacing paper time cards and records of attendance. Consistent electronic records give instant information on employees’ hours. The system costs only pennies per day to use. The system pays for itself starting from day one.

What Are Biometrics Systems from MinuteHound?

MinuteHound’s systems have a few advantages over other systems.

  • Cloud based records let managers see attendance records from any computer.
  • Get alerts when workers don’t show up, arrive late, leave early, or stay at work trying to earn OT.
  • Customer service is available around the clock.
  • Systems are plug-and-play and easy to use.

What Are Biometrics Guarantees?

MinuteHound’s systems are risk-free and no obligation.

So what are biometrics? Biometrics systems are a better way of watching employees and making sure they are at work when they are supposed to be. MinuteHound’s systems let managers know about their workers’ activities. The systems let managers who are not on the site make sure that workers are using time properly. These measures can save money. Many companies cut their costs between 2 and 8 percent by using MinuteHound.

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MinuteHound Explains, “What Are Biometrics?”

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