Why Every Doctor’s Office Needs a Biometric Time System

The Reasons For Which Every Doctor’s Office needs a Biometric Time System

First and foremost the overall general concept of any business is to cut costs, boost profits and run an efficient organization. When it comes to a doctor’s office or medical practice, these same business logic applies. The reason why biometrics work so well for an office is because of how clean the environment is. Now MinuteHound’s technology works anywhere at anytime, but in a controlled environment such as a doctor’s office it is the ideal, or dare we say the perfect conditions for biometrics. Everyone has clean hands and a very clean workplace overall. A biometric time system helps run an office by tracking every single employee’s coming’s and goings. Whether its to start the shift, take breaks and lunches, holidays and sick days, and leaving for the day the biometric time system tracks it all.

Also think about HIPAA and other privacy laws that every medical practice must adhere too. MinuteHound strengthens this policy by using 128-it encryption and nothing is every saved or stored locally. Even if someone stole the computer or the scanner itself, it would mean nothing. They could do anything with it as MinuteHound keeps everything safe and secure in the cloud. The biometric time system encrypts every piece of information, breaks it down into binary numbers (including the fingerprint itself) and sends it offsite. Even if a skilled hacker tried to get the information, they couldn’t! So easy and secure which makes every doctors office that uses the biometric time system safe and secure as well.

The Biometric Time System in Action

In every doctors office that uses MinuteHound, payroll is accurate and completed within minutes. Employees show up to work and place their finger down, off to work they go. Same for breaks and end of day which makes time tracking effortless. No pins or passwords to remember. No badges or pens to carry around to record time. Just a simple swipe and its all recorded and reports are automatically filled out. Track OT in various ways and apply rules to departments, all staff or individuals. Completely up to the managers of the practice. MinuteHound charges $1.00 per employee per month! Pays for itself and there is nothing to sign or be obligated too. If you like it, use it! Otherwise cancel. Once again, the biometric time system is perfection!

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