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For most companies, personnel cost is the one of the most difficult to control. You see employee expenditures rising, but you do not see comparable increases in productivity. A major reason for this discrepancy is inadequate management of attendance. If your employees are not actually at work, they cannot produce, and you end up losing money. This problem can be solved by using a time tracking system that uses biometrics. Because the system uses your employees’ fingerprints as identification, this prevents any possibility of costly attendance fraud.

A biometric time tracking system can save you money on many fronts. The most obvious is that you will no longer pay for employees who are not actually at work. In order to clock in or out during the work day, your employee has to scan his fingerprint at the work place. No one else can do this for him. This eliminates attendance fraud caused by the “buddy” system.

The flexibility of this system will save you money in time management. The fingerprint scanner can be connected to any computer that has Internet access. There is no costly equipment to install. If you require your employees to report to another work location, you can easily connect the scanner to a computer or laptop at the other work site. Installation of this powerful time tracking system is quick and easy.

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Fingerprint Clock in SystemWhen an employee scans his fingerprint, the biometric time tracking system stamps the time and records it in a cloud-based reporting system. There are no punch cards to purchase or to maintain. You can view or print an employee’s report at any time, from any place where you have a connection to the Internet. You no longer have to wait for someone to generate a report for you. If an employee arrives late or leaves work early, the time tracking system will notify you with an email or text message. You can see a pattern and can address attendance problems in a more timely manner. Some people might think that an employee missing a few minutes of work here or there is not a big deal. However, when you consider the number of employees you have, these missing minutes will start to add up to big dollars. By implementing a biometric time tracking system, you can expect to save at least five percent from your personnel costs. This low-cost solution will quickly pay for itself.

A biometric time tracking system keeps your employees honest. You want to invest your dollars in the best people who will maximize the return on your personnel investment. Instead of spending time monitoring employee attendance, you can use a cost-effective time tracking system to do the work for you. This frees up your time for more important matters, and you will be pleased at how your own productivity will improve.

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