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MinuteHound: A Time and Attendance Fingerprint System for You

If you are looking for a solution to meet your time clock needs, look no further than MinuteHound. MinuteHound’s unique time and attendance fingerprint system helps business owners stop time theft and makes it easy for employees to get to work. MinuteHound makes time tracking easy. Just set up the plug-and-play scanner and software, and you are ready to go! Employees scan their fingerprints and they are clocked in for the day. With MinuteHound, there is no need for PIN codes, cards, time-sheets, or passwords. Employees just touch their fingers to the scanner and the software does the rest. MinuteHound is a time and attendance fingerprint system that makes life easy for you and your employees.

Because MinuteHound is a time and attendance fingerprint program, it eliminates time theft in the workplace. MinuteHound time clock software puts an end to break abuse and time clock fraud. When using this system, you know that employees are always clocking in and out for themselves. You can even receive an email alert when an employee clocks in late or leaves early. In addition, MinuteHound’s time and attendance fingerprint records are accessible from any internet connection in the world.

Time and Attendance Fingerprint System Never Quits!

It is easy to start using MinuteHound as the time and attendance fingerprint system at your workplace. There are no training programs or classes needed to get started with MinuteHound. You don’t need high-level IT skills to start using the software. Customers find the time and attendance fingerprint recording system is not only easy to begin using, but also provides round-the-clock support. If you need an alternative to a time and attendance fingerprint system for workers outside the office, MinuteHound also has a great solution for you. Any employee can login from a PC, phone, or any internet enabled device with a username and password and start working right away.

Why Choose the Time and Attendance Fingerprint System?

MinuteHound can also save money for your business as a time and attendance fingerprint program. Because MinuteHound uses fingerprint technology, there are no time cards, physical clocks, or inventory to keep on hand. This time and attendance fingerprint system costs clients only pennies a day. MinuteHound is affordable, easy to use, and secure. The time and attendance fingerprint program provides important protection for your business. MinuteHound tracks the information employers need to manage their businesses. It’s a cutting-edge system that makes use of today’s technology to improve on the classic time clock. Once you start using MinuteHound, you’ll never want to return to the days of time cards and unreliable clocks.

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MinuteHound Fingerprint Time and Attendance System.

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