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Fingerprint Time Attendance Software Helps Your Business Go Green

Many businesses are looking to save money, go paperless, and help cut down on waste. Fingerprint time attendance software is a great way for your business to improve record-keeping, while saving money and going green. Each year, the world produces about 300 million tons of paper. About 50% of the waste produced by businesses is paper. This waste of paper has a big impact on our environment. When switching to MinuteHound fingerprint time attendance software, you will not only save time and money for your business. Your business will also play a role in cutting down on paper waste.

Fingerprint Time Attendance Software Security

Fingerprint time attendance software is designed for today’s businesses of any size. It makes life easy for business owners and for employees. For business owners, fingerprint time attendance software puts a stop to time theft. Businesses will have a clear record of their employees’ hours worked, verified by fingerprint. There’s no way to cheat on break times, round up hours, or clock in for a friend when using fingerprint time attendance software. For employees, MinuteHound also makes life easier. There’s no need to fill in time-sheets, keep track of a time card, or use an old mechanical clock. Employees just put their fingers on the scanner, and the MinuteHound fingerprint time attendance software takes care of the rest.

MinuteHound is cloud-based: you can access live reporting from any internet connection in the world. When you use fingerprint time attendance software, you never need to have boxes of old time cards or files full of time sheets. MinuteHound is 100% paperless. You’ll be cutting down on waste for your business, and for the world.

Fingerprint Time Attendance Software Helps Everyone

When you use MinuteHound, going paperless is an easy choice for your office. The fingerprint time attendance software is plug-and-play. There is no training or guidance needed to start using MinuteHound. You don’t need to be an IT expert to use MinuteHound or install the software. Any business owner can just download and get started.
Because you don’t need to keep any inventory on hand, MinuteHound also saves money while helping to save the environment. MinuteHound users report that the fingerprint time attendance software costs only pennies a day. It also provides significant time savings, as cloud-based reports are easy to track at a moment’s notice.

Businesses today need fingerprint time attendance software to keep reliable records. No one wants or needs boxes of old paper; green businesses want to cut down on paper use and costs. With MinuteHound, going green is easy and affordable. It’s risk free, and there is no obligation. You can start using our software right away. Try MinuteHound today to start going paperless for your time tracking system.

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