Swipe Card Attendance System: Modern Technology Trumps Badges/Pins

The Dangers and Hassles of Swipe Card Attendance Systems

The swipe card attendance system is out of date. Every day, millions of workers swipe magnetic cards or wave RFID proximity cards to check in at work. The swipe card attendance system is part of their work life. That’s except for the ones who forgot them at home. It might be in the dryer, or the dog chewed on it. It has to be replaced. Even sitting in the car outside the plant, it’s going to take time to get it.

Most workplaces aim for efficiency. Managers want to focus on production, not personnel issues. There has to be a better time clock than a swipe card attendance system with the issues it brings. Do you have to penalize workers for forgetting, even charge them for lost cards? Why not skip the whole game entirely? Just as your supervisor knows you when you walk in the door, why not use a time clock that does?

Swipe Card Attendance System Meets Modern Technology

Companies which rely on a swipe card attendance system must be envious of those that use modern biometric time clocks. There’s none of the overhead from administering the system of little plastic cards. The MinuteHound fingerprint-based system verifies that the worker checked in, not just the card. In almost all cases, MinuteHound costs less than the traditional swipe card attendance system.

That’s another point. In a swipe card attendance system, you’re just verifying that the card arrived at work and left, not the worker. Even if none of your workers take advantage of the system, there’s always a little doubt if something goes wrong. If the supervisor didn’t see the worker between 4:30 and 5, but the time clock shows a swipe at 5, what happened? It’s hard to say.

Swipe Card Attendance System Has Expired. Go Biometric And Save

Biometrics Make Your Life EasierIn the world of security, both the swipe card attendance system and fingerprint verification are “single-factor” systems. You’re relying on one proof of identification. It should be the more reliable one, right? When you scan a fingerprint, you know the worker was standing at the scanner at exactly the time recorded.

There’s another issue with a swipe card attendance system. As you may have heard on the news, both technologies are used on credit cards and both can be copied. Hackers can make a new magnetic card, or even a new RFID chip with the same information. You’ve got a big potential problem. It could be dishonesty by the worker, or it could be identity theft as part of some scheme. It’s better to be safe. The advantages of biometrics are profound. Upgrade to MinuteHound and get rid of your old swipe card attendance system. Start saving time and money today!

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