Business Software Solutions: Employee Thumbprint Attendance System

Why Choose A Thumbprint Attendance System?

For the last few months, you’ve been noticing that your business or company doesn’t seem to have as much money as in the past. You’ve also been noticing that employees aren’t always there when they need to be. Therefore, it’s time to choose a clock-in and clock-out method such as a thumbprint attendance system. When you’re looking for the best, choose MinuteHound. One of the main reasons to opt for this product is because it’s so easy to use. A thumbprint attendance system is the most secure, safe, and convenient option on the market.

With a thumbprint attendance system, employees will not have to spend minutes upon minutes clocking-in or out of work. MinuteHound basically just requires a quick swipe of the finger. Place your thumb down quickly on the desk in front of you, and then lift it up. How easy was that? It was just as easy as a quick stop to a thumbprint attendance system terminal. When it’s easy for your employees to do, they’ll be less likely to complain about the system. Additionally, if they have somewhere to be after work, you don’t want to be clogging up their whole evening with convoluted and confusing software. A thumbprint attendance system is quick, fast, and 100% accurate.

Manage More Efficiently With A Thumbprint Attendance System

This thumbprint attendance system also makes life easier for you, the employer. Not only does it record when employees enter and exit for the work day, but it will also notify you, via text message or email, if someone leaves his or her shift early or does not come in for work on time. When it’s time to send out the checks, MinuteHound has your back too. With a thumbprint attendance system, you will never over or under pay your staff again.

Go Green Save Money With A Thumbprint Attendance SystemIt’s so much more than just a thumbprint attendance system. It will provide you detailed information about each employees’ time spent at work, and calculating payments will be easier than ever before. Who wouldn’t want a thumbprint attendance system that makes life easier for everyone? It is green, requiring no supplies or extra equipment. It is the size of a computer mouse, so your office space is not cluttered. The thumbprint attendance system saves you time, space, and money in multiple ways.

Sure, this system is easy; however, is it safe? Of course! With 128 bit encryption, this thumbprint attendance system keeps all of your employees’ sensitive information safe from hackers or other computer attacks. Furthermore, MinuteHound offers a wide array of package types. Whether you’re a small company of 20 or a huge business with multiple branches, MinuteHound has a package available to perfectly fit your budget and your business needs. Are you having a problem with your system? Customer service is always available to help you with any glitches or questions.

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