5 Business Highlights of A Fingerprint Time Clock System

5 Mobile Uses of a Fingerprint Time Clock System

A fingerprint time clock system doesn’t merely keep your employees honest about pay. These biometric devices can be very helpful in a variety of ways. Great mobility is only one of the facets to this technology. For companies that have external practices, the fingerprint time clock system could be ideal. All it takes is an Internet connection and a laptop with a USB port. Here are only a few ways that you can use the system to improve efficiency while mobile.

1. Off-site Employee Tracking
Some companies have employees who primarily work at other locations. For example, construction crews could travel directly to the site and use a fingerprint time clock system to check in. This could be helpful in any remote-office setting. You can then keep an eye on employee attendance through Cloud reports.

2. Paying Employees for Extra Workloads
There may be times where you would like to pay employees for helping with extra workloads. For example, you may pay employees to help move company equipment across town on the weekend. Since punch clocks could be packed up in a box somewhere, you’re laptop could be the only system you need to track attendance.

3. Paying for Off-site Events
Perhaps your company hosts events in other towns. Trade shows are a great example of off-site work for the business. Perhaps you send a few representatives to attend a conference in another state. Using the fingerprint time clock system, those who attend will be paid accurately. There is no need to stand over someone’s shoulder while at these events making sure everyone is clocked in. This is especially true since you can receive alerts when someone is missing from the event.

4. Developing a Chain Business
128-Bit Encrypted Cloud Based SoftwareSome companies will experience enough success to begin creating a chain of locations. Using a fingerprint time clock system in these secondary locales can keep records accurate in the corporate office. Instead of punch cards or time sheets being scanned and emailed, it just takes a quick scan of a finger.

5. After a Natural Disaster
Depending on the type of business you operate, you may be able to continue business after a disaster. The fingerprint time clock system can be used remotely to keep track of employees for continued and accurate pay. Think of the system as a quick method for disaster recovery. As long as a computer has Internet access, the fingerprint time clock system can continue to function. A lot of companies don’t have a valid method of tracking employees while they are mobile. Whether it’s a project outdoors or you’re paying employees to attend off-site functions, a fingerprint time clock system may be the perfect fit. Take the guesswork out of mobile employees and keep the records straight. It could be more important to your business than you previously thought.

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