5 Reasons MinuteHound Time Clock Attendance Software Should Be Used

5 Reasons To Use MinuteHound In Your Office

According to the American Payroll Association, more than 75 percent of companies are losing money because of payroll fraud. But what measures can you take to avoid such a fate? Your office has been using punch cards for years. Won’t a new system be complicated and costly?

Not necessarily. If you invest in a biometric time clock from MinuteHound, you can all but eliminate mistakes and payroll cheats among your employees. This is because MinuteHound uses fingerprinting technology in place of badges and codes. It’s simple, reliable and it can’t be faked. As a bonus, it’s also easy to use and install.

Still not convinced? Here are just five reasons to embrace MinuteHound and revolutionize your office.

1: Real-Time Monitoring
Computerized time clock software will take the guesswork out of your job. Thanks to its automated systems, you’ll enjoy to-the-minute updates of all breaks, arrivals, departures and shift changes. You can keep your eye on that one suspicious employee. You’ll have recorded proof of someone leaving too early or starting too late. In short, you’ll never be fooled again.

2: Improved Accuracy
With automatic time clock, you can say goodbye to long hours spent hunched over a calculator. The software will do all the math for you. It will also be much more accurate than numbers keyed in by human hands with human frailties. You’ll enjoy reports and schedules that are precise down to the second.

3: No More Buddy Punching
Pam is ten minutes away from work when she calls and asks Jim to punch her into the system. Because he’s in love with her, he agrees. A biometric time clock is one of the easiest ways to prevent these circumstances, making it physically impossible for Jim to enter Pam’s fingerprint and deceive the reader.

4: Error Prevention
Let’s say you have diligent, hardworking employees who don’t lie. They can still make honest mistakes. They might accidentally give themselves too many hours or add up the wrong shift tallies after a long day. A manual time clock simply doesn’t have the technology to correct itself, but a biometric time clock will.

5: A Better Workplace
Go Green! Throw Away The Old Time Card RackBring integrity back to the office when you install MinuteHound. Your employees will learn to be honest and on time; your bosses will praise the increased efficiency and output of your department. Productivity will soar. People will stop lying for each other. All it takes is a few fingerprints swiped on a time clock.

Don’t be part of the 75 percent this year. With MinuteHound technology, there’s no reason you should keep shouldering the burden of payroll fraud. Invest in this time clock to make all your troubles disappear. You can start saving money right away!

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