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Accurate Time Clock- Flawless Reports Save Time and Money

So what is an accurate time clock? One word comes to mind: foolproof. Staff can sign in, punch in, or even scan a card. Either way time does get recorded, but is it right? Having an accurate time clock means having a foolproof system in place so that at all times employees stay honest. Only pay employees for the time worked, not the times employees say they worked. An accurate time clock is MinuteHound, which uses a biometric fingerprint scanner to record time. This way, every employee must verify their attendance prior to recording time. Now, all reports will be flawless, making payroll stress and error free.

MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint scanner is 100% safe to use. Prints are never stored or kept on file. There is never images of prints either. Instead, when an employee places their finger or thumb on the scanner, that print is broken down into numbers. Information is never at risk. Nothing is ever stored on the scanner or computer either. Biometrics make the accurate time clock a precision device. Now, every time a business owner or manager reviews employee records, they know all times shown are accurate.

An Accurate Time Clock Featuring Cloud Computing Technology

What makes MinuteHound’s accurate time clock even better? 24/7 anytime access. MinuteHound is cloud based, meaning from any internet connection in the world, managers can view and edit reports. From the golf course you can conduct payroll! Managers have the ability to log-in from anywhere and see who’s on the clock, when they got there, in which department, and so much more. The accurate time clock records all information live, and by using cloud technology, all information is always available. All data transfers use 128-bit encryption, so MinuteHound is not only convenient, but secure.

An Accurate Time Clock That Uses Secure Cloud TechnologyThe accurate time clock is also green. Employees can log-in to view their time, and managers can edit it. With 5 different permissions in MinuteHound, everyone can be assigned the appropriate level of access. By logging in, employees do not need paper print outs or time sheets. Green technology saves money. The accurate time clock not only stops buddy punching and payroll fraud, but also cuts down on supplies.

The Price of an Accurate Time Clock

MinuteHound has an array of features, but the big question is price. The accurate time clock, which is the biometric scanner, costs $99.95. This is a one time fee, and the scanner itself is backed for life. The monthly fee is different for it is designed to fit your needs. The price is $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. That’s it! All the features mentioned are included. Text and email alerts, lifetime updates, and round the clock tech support are also included! The accurate time clock from MinuteHound is cost effective, and highly efficient.

The accurate time clock price of $99.95 is also risk free. If for whatever reason MinuteHound is not for you, then you can return the scanner at anytime for the $99.95 back. With so many benefits to using an accurate time clock, why wait? Upgrade today and put this system to work for you!

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