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An Affordable Time Tracking Solution

Employee time and attendance is an important function of any company. The biggest difference between just tracking time and accuracy is having a flawless time tracking solution. A system in place that does not allow cheating and/or buddy punching. Verification and accountability is every managers best friend at the workplace. By having a foolproof time tracking solution such as MinuteHound, reports and records are guaranteed accurate. The reason why is through the process of biometrics. Instead of signing in with a pen or pin, employees verify their attendance with their finger or thumb. Verification means accuracy, and accuracy equals savings for businesses.

The time tracking solution from MinuteHound is unique as it works in multiple ways: the first is by using a state of the art biometric fingerprint scanner. This device is the size of a computer mouse and verifies attendance. After employees scan their finger or thumb, the print is then sent to the cloud using 128-bit encryption. All data is safe and secure, with no images or prints ever being saved. As soon as an employee clocks-in or out, that information is available from any Internet connection in the world. This is why MinuteHound is a true time tracking solution.

How The Time Tracking Solution Works

Since all information is available online at anytime, managers have tools at their disposal from any location. From home, work, or play a simple log-in can check in on staff. From the golf course, managers can run reports using their iPad! The office is virtual, and being able to check on staff is crucial. In addition, the time tracking solution includes text/email alerts. This way, instead of manually checking to see if employees showed up on time, the system can tell you. Many tools for one low price!

Go Green Save Money With A Pure Time Tracking Solution!Green technology saves you money, as there is less paper supplies and products needed. The time tracking solution is green, and you save big! No more time sheets or paper punch cards. Instead, just have your employees log-in and check their own time card. Administrators of the system have the ability to edit and export reports, while basic employees can view individual reports at anytime. It’s not only a win-win situation, but a cost savings to the business! The time tracking solution helps reduce costs, while increasing savings.

The Price of the Time Tracking Solution From MinuteHound

The time tracking solution and every feature of MinuteHound is one low monthly fee. The price is $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. This way, it fits every budget. You only have to pay for what you need, and no long term obligations are required. The fingerprint scanner itself that records the time is a flat fee of $99.95. You only pay this once, and since it is backed for life, you never have to pay it again.

Lifetime updates and live friendly technical support make MinuteHound’s time tracking solution an easy decision! Purchase today and start saving from the first scan!

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