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Attendance Machine Price and Savings

The MinuteHound Attendance Machine Price is the most affordable in the industry.
To calculate your price visit The MinuteHound Attendance Machine Price Page.
With MinuteHound The Attendance Machine Price is typically saved within the first month of use.
This is from savings related to things such as time theft.

What is Time Theft and The Attendance Machine Price ?

Time theft can be many things. A typical example of time theft is when one employee
clocks in for another. This is referred to as buddy punching.
According to the American Payroll Association (APA).
Buddy punching accounts for between two and five percent of payroll.
Calculate how much time theft effects your business with this Calculator.

A Real World Example of Buddy Punching

Frank and Tim both work at the Atlantic Shipping Company in San Francisco.
Tim is an excellent employee he is always on time and never takes long lunches.
Frank is always late and makes a habit of taking long lunches.
Frank and Tim have worked together for a couple of months and become friends.
The Atlantic Shipping Company has a standard Swipe Clock for an Attendance Machine.
The way Employees clock in is by swiping there time card.
Frank decides one day that since his friend Tim is always on time.
He should give his card to Tim to clock him in.
Tim doesn’t want to do it but feels he must as Frank is his friend.
He tries to rationalize it by saying to himself its just a couple of minutes.
This is a classic example of time theft.

What Can my businesses do?

The answer is a biometric fingerprint time clock attendance machine.
The MinuteHound Attendance Machine is the best in the industry.
The MinuteHound Attendance Machine utilizes a fingerprint time clock.
In the previous example with Tim and Frank. Tim would not even
get the idea to ask Frank to clock him in.
The way an employee clocks in or out with the MinuteHound Time Clock is with a fingerprint.
This ensures that employees are on the clock when they say they are.
The MinuteHound Biometric FingerPrint Time Clock is the most accurate in the industry.
To learn more visit the MinuteHound Home and Videos Pages .

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What is the MinuteHound Attendance Machine Price?

The MinuteHound Attendance Machine Price is the most affordable in the industry.
With MinuteHound you will never pay more than 1 dollar per employee.
To calculate your exact price visit the Price Page.
MinuteHound is a customer service oriented business for any questions feel free to call or email us.
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