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Employees need to be paid, and employers need an accurate and dependable way of doing so. Every company and organization in the country need a way to track employee time and pay them accordingly. For many legal reasons, but also practical sense. The days of employees showing up to work and signing in with a pen or punching a card is over. The major reason why is because of cheating and payroll fraud. Employees typically cover for one another at work and fudge numbers. 10 minutes here and there might not seem like much, but it adds up quick! Attendance payroll software from MinuteHound solves these problems and a whole lot more.

Attendance payroll software works in conjunction with a biometric time clock. After setting up an account with MinuteHound the time clock is shipped. Once received, the time clock gets plugged into any computer, and the attendance payroll software is downloaded. In just a few steps in under 10 minutes, MinuteHound is ready to go! From this point on, employees arrive and leave work with a simple swipe of their finger or thumb. All attendance is verified, and time is recorded without error. Attendance payroll software is proven to work, and very cost effective.

Attendance Payroll Software Features and Benefits

Go green and save big! By using attendance payroll software, employees will have 24/7 access to their digital time card. Every user of MinuteHound will be able to access reports from any internet connection, at anytime. With 5 different permission levels, every level of management will have the appropriate access. By using attendance payroll software, no more paper is needed. Everything is digital, so in addition to stopping time theft and fraud, paper supplies are also gone.

Attendance Payroll Software AlertsAnother big benefit of attendance payroll software is text and email alerts. Employees are human, and they make mistakes. Now, by using the alert system even mistakes can be fixed. If an employee shows up late, leaves early, or forgets to clock-in MinuteHound will send out an email letting them know. Biometrics stops cheating, and the alerts prevents errors. All in all you have a foolproof and easy to use system for business. Attendance payroll software requires no training or learning curves, as it is very user-friendly.

Costs and Fees of Attendance Payroll Software

Attendance payroll software fits any budget. The time clock itself is $99.95. It comes with a lifetime money back guarantee. MinuteHound itself which includes the alerts, attendance payroll software, 24/7 access, technical support, and so much more is $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location per month. No long term obligations required, and it’s pay as you go. If for whatever reason MinuteHound is not for you, return the time clock for your money back. It’s that easy and risk free to make the switch to biometrics!

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