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The Small Time Clock That Fits Anywhere

It’s time to free up that valuable office space with a small, but yet powerful time clock from MinuteHound! It is the size of a computer mouse and includes a 6 foot cord. It can extend all the way up to 48 feet if needed through extension cords. The small time clock plugs into any computer and the software is downloaded from the internet. The small time clock is already in place in many different industries and settings and holds up very well. The small time clock runs off of biometrics, which means employees clock-in and out with a finger or thumb. No paper needed at all. Start saving big with a small time clock from MinuteHound!

After setting up and creating an account with MinuteHound, the small time clock is mailed out free of charge. Once received, it gets plugged into a computer and the software is downloaded. It takes about 1 minute to register an employee just once, and that’s it! Now, employees simply show up and leave work by placing their finger or thumb on the small time clock. By using a finger or thumb, all attendance is 100% accurate. No more cheating. No more wasted money. The small time clock sparks a change and starts saving from day one!

Additional Features of The Small Time Clock

The small time clock from MinuteHound has the highest read rate in the industry. Whether the business is a factory, restaurant, housekeeping, or mechanic shop the prints will be read. All the small time clock does is read the print and send it to the cloud. It is reliable and very accurate. Once an employee records their time, it is instantly available for viewing. All data is stored in the cloud, which means nothing is ever kept on the scanner or computer. 100% safe to use and fingerprints are never stored. Each print is broken down into a unique number to ensure privacy.

Think Big With A Small Time Clock- Go Green!The small time clock is also green. Everything is stored in the cloud, and each employee can view a digital time card whenever they would like. Management can run and export reports from any internet enabled device. Offices become virtual and time cards and sheets are no more. Not only will payroll fraud be stopped, but so will wasteful spending. The small time clock will increase efficiency in the workplace.

How Much Does The Small Time Clock Cost?

The small time clock itself is a one time fee of $99.95. The $99.95 includes shipping and is the final price, no hidden costs to worry about. After that MinuteHound is a monthly charge of $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. The small time clock fits any budget and starts working from the first day. The small time clock is also backed for life. If anything was to go wrong or if a business wanted to cancel, simple ship back the small time clock for the money back. No long term obligations required. Over 150,000 users clock-in and out everyday using the small time clock. Upgrade today and start saving.

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
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Cloud Time Attendance SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Small Time Clock.

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