Fingerprint Recognition Time Clock- Images And Prints Are Never Saved

How Fingerprint Recognition Works

Fingerprint recognition is also known as biometrics. Even though these words might sound complicated, it is actually a very easy way to conduct business. All employees need to do when arriving and leaving work is place a finger or thumb on a scanner. Now, fingerprint recognition typically works by recording a fingerprint, matching it to the person, and saving it in a database. This way, every time that employee clocks-in and out of work, the fingerprint is retrieved and the process is over. This of course is very risky. Information and private data are always stolen. That is why MinuteHound was developed. Using state of the art fingerprint recognition techniques, prints and images are never stored or saved.

This fingerprint recognition process is unique to MinuteHound. By using 128-bit encryption, information is kept private at all times, and never at risk. When employees clock-in and out using MinuteHound, that print is instantly broken down into a set of numbers. The numbers are impossible to trace or reverse engineer. MinuteHound is the current leader in biometric time and attendance with over 150,000 daily users. Every user has the satisfaction of knowing their print is never on file, and can never be retrieved.

Fingerprint Recognition For Business Use

Most people are very familiar with biometric devices and don’t realize it. The fingerprint pad on a laptop. or the facial recognition of a tablet. These are forms of biometrics and now MinuteHound uses state of the art technology for business purposes. Not only does fingerprint recognition serve as a form of time recording, but also verification. Employees have to be physically present in order to record their time. Friends can no longer cover for each other. Cheating of all kinds are now officially over.

Fingerprint Recognition For BusinessFingerprint recognition starts working from the very first day. Payroll fraud and buddy punching are over. Employees will need to show up on time, and not leave early. MinuteHound records time accurately and updates live. From any internet connection in the world, managers can log-in and check on employees. Fingerprint recognition from MinuteHound is easy to use, simple to install, and requires no training.

The Costs of Fingerprint Recognition | Price

Although fingerprint recognition technology is advanced, the price fits any budget. Even small businesses can afford MinuteHound, as the pricing structure is based off of the number of staff and locations. It is $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. No long term obligations and if MinuteHound is not for you then cancel at anytime. No hidden fees either, as every feature of MinuteHound is included. Live technical support and lifetime updates as well. This way all updates to the fingerprint recognition technology will keep up to date at no future expense. Upgrade today and start saving!

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