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Saving Time and Money with an Automated Attendance Program

Companies lose large amounts of money every day from lost time. On average, $1.4 billion is lost per year due to poor time tracking. That is unless you have an automated attendance program to keep track of your employees. If not, why not try MinuteHound?

MinuteHound is an attendance program that uses fingerprint scanning to keep track of your employees. This helps to remove many losses when it comes to time clock errors, including employees clocking in or out early or late. It also eliminates the occurrence of employee overtime that is not permitted. By using the fingerprint scanner with this attendance program, each employee has to physically touch the scanner in order to clock in or out, eliminating buddy punching.

Cloud Based Attendance Program Keeps Employee Honest

Unlike most fingerprint scanning time clock software being used today, this attendance program is cloud based instead of locally stored. That means that you can have access to live reporting anywhere in the world. Also, since this attendance program is so advanced, it can alert you either by email or text message, or both, anytime any of your employees arrive late, leave early, or work late without permission.

Although your employees’ information is sent to a cloud with this attendance program, it is perfectly safe. When he or she clocks in using the fingerprint scanner provided with this attendance program, their data is encoded using 128-bit encryption. Then, it is distributed to four different servers globally, ensuring that their information is safe from prying eyes.

Fingerprint Attendance ProgramAnother important thing to know about this attendance program is that there are no learning curves. Anyone can use this with no problem, and should a problem ever arise with this attendance program, around the clock service and support are always available. The best part of this program is that there is no risk or obligation to you, and it typically only cost pennies a day to use.

The Attendance Program That Saves Money and Increases Productivity

To sum it up, the average business loses anywhere from 2 to 8 percent on time clock issues and errors. This attendance program relieves that by ensuring that time theft is eliminated. Each employee has to touch the scanner him or her self in order to clock in or out, so their coworkers cannot do it for them. This program is cloud based and uses encryption to keep your employees data safe. This program also removes the need for time cards, which in turn removes other potential errors. Finally, this program can alert you through email, text message, or both, anytime an employee clocks in or out late, or if they work overtime without your permission.

Essentially, you can save money with this attendance program. It will typically cost you just pennies a day, and it is risk free with no obligation.

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