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Maximize Savings with Attendance Management Software

On average, business owners and employers lose 5 percent of their profits due to time theft and clocking errors. That means that the annual loss is over $1.4 billion per year for American businesses. Your company could be helping to increase that number unless you invest in attendance management software. The good news is that time theft, buddy punching, and time clock fraud is a big problem, but an easy one to fix.

MinuteHound is an attendance management system designed to save you money on your payroll. Using fingerprint scanning technology, this software ensures that your employees are clocking in or out when they are supposed to, and it ensures that buddy punching cannot happen.

This attendance management program works by using a fingerprint scanning device connected directly to any of your computers. When any of your employees clocks in or out, all that they need to do is place their finger on the scanner. Their information is then converted with a 128-bit encryption and instantly stored in a cloud. This ensures that their data cannot be stolen or compromised.

The Attendance Management Program With Worldwide Access

This attendance management program gives you the information that you need when you need it. Wherever you are in the world, you can log on to your personal portal and see which of your employees are currently clocked in. This allows you to make necessary schedule changes at any time.

You might be thinking that an attendance management program like this is expensive. This is not the case with MinuteHound. This attendance management software will cost you only pennies a day. In fact, a typical business realizes a return on investment of 2,300% after incorporating MinuteHound!

Attendance Management Makes SenseThe secret is in the fingerprint scanning technology of this attendance management program. By registering your employees, it is impossible for buddy punching to take place. Each employee must clock himself or herself in using their own fingerprints. This eliminates time cards and human payroll errors, saving you even more time and money. On top of that, you do not have to worry about employees trying to manually change the clock to squeeze in the hours that they did not work because MinuteHound captures the time straight from the Internet.

Every Business Will Benefit From MinuteHound Attendance Management System

Every business should have an attendance management program like this. In fact, your business cannot operate at its full, financial potential without it. If you want to save time and, more importantly, money, then give it a try. MinuteHound is a risk free, no obligation system that could begin saving you money today. The costs are minimal, and the returns are huge! There is no doubt that you will be satisfied with this attendance management program.

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